Metallica continues to step in when needed, and its latest contribution to worldwide aid comes from Germany. Last July, massive flooding over a 48-hour period resulted in widespread destruction and 184 deaths. After hearing about the natural disaster, Metallica released a limited-edition single of “Enter Sandman” designed to raise funds, with over €130,000 (approximately US$137,000) raised for Aktion’s relief efforts. Deutschland Hilft.

The special single, released in August last year to coincide with the eponymous black scrapbookThe 30th Anniversary Edition release of , came as a numbered, glow-in-the-dark 7″ vinyl, and was also available in Maxi CD and PockIt CD 3″ formats. All proceeds from sales of each format were directed to aiding flood victims.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft collected the donations, and fans can still donate to help those who lost their homes in the floods there. The organization strives to provide fast and effective aid after major disasters and emergencies.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, flooding caused rivers to overflow and swept away cars and tore buildings apart, while other structures were left on the brink of collapse, with ground floors buried under thick mud.

Metallica continue to be one of music’s most charitable groups, with many of their actions taking part in the All Within My Hands Foundation. Launched by the group in 2017, the organization has not only helped with natural disaster relief, but has frequently aided local food banks, launched a business scholarship program and more. You can donate to the group’s ongoing charitable efforts here.

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