I vividly remember when I heard the news that Shopko was closing in Rochester, Minnesota, and it affected our family in a unique way because I had family members who worked in one some stores. It was heartbreaking to see places where we shopped a lot sell everything and turn off the lights for the last time. Unfortunately, this experience is repeating itself for 150 Bed Bath & Beyond stores across our country, including stores in Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa.

Inappropriate emails sent to Rochester students on Thursday

Closure of 56 Bed Bath & Beyond stores, including stores in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois

Bed Bath & Beyond today shared the list of the next set of stores that will close. Unfortunately, the list contains 56 stores across the country, including one in Minnesota and several in Iowa and Illinois. It’s a list many have been wondering about since August, when the huge homewares store announced it would be closing 150 “low production” stores.

Below are stores in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois that are among the 56 stores closing.

At this time, the Rochester store is safe. When the rest of the 150 stores are announced, I’ll share this update on my Facebook page – Jessica On The Radio.

You can see the full list and locations of Bed Bath & Beyond stores that are closing on their website here.

How many Bed Bath & Beyond stores are there in Minnesota?

Now that the news is out that the St. Cloud location is closing, Minnesota will be home to 7 Bed Bath and Beyond stores. These locations include Rochester, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Roseville, and Woodbury.

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