dr. Doctor-focused Sarah Merrill always wanted a medical degree, so when her youngest child was 2, she started medical school. She just graduated and is on her way to becoming a neurosurgeon!

Dr. Sarah Merrill – Credit Mayo Clinic

Dr. Sarah Merrill – Credit Mayo Clinic

Mom of 9 Mayo Medical School graduates

Sarah Merrill just graduated from Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona. We don’t talk much about the other Mayo Clinic locations, as we host the Mayo Mothership here in Rochester, Minnesota, but we have to take a few minutes and give the doctor a standing ovation!

With her husband and children, ages 8 to 20, by her side, she accepted her degree and is now heading to Indiana, where she has more education to pursue, but this time as a resident in her favorite field, neurosurgery.

Dr. Sarah Merrill – Credit Mayo Clinic

Dr. Sarah Merrill – Credit Mayo Clinic

On Good Morning America, Dr. Merrill said “…her journey to medical school began at age 17, when she entered Dartmouth College as a pre-med major and then moved on to medical school. met her husband, got married and had a 5 month old daughter by the time she graduated from Dartmouth.”

She was going straight to medical school. but changed her mind to be a stay-at-home mom for a while. Transformed in a long time. Again, from Good Morning America –

“We didn’t necessarily have a large family, in particular, in our planning, but that’s what we did…We ended up having four daughters and five sons, and we had these nine children in 12 years. “

Dr. Sarah Merrill – Credit Mayo Clinic

Dr. Sarah Merrill – Credit Mayo Clinic

She was 34 when she decided to go back, which meant retaking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

“I remember studying for the MCAT when my two youngest were 2 and 3 and my 2 year old was climbing over me like a mountain while I was trying to take practice tests.” (Source)

Above, she talked about her support team, and that included her mother who moved to Arizona to be by her side, and her husband, who was able to work remotely so she could move to Arizona from Pennsylvania.

One of the most interesting things she witnessed as an “older” medical student was the increase in the number of mothers in her program. From just her to three by the time she graduated.

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