The guest cast for the anime’s two-episode live-action video animation (OVA) project was revealed on Friday via Ryosuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi’s Moriarty the Patriot (Ykoku no Moriarty) manga official website, reports. Anime News Network.

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Baron George Cupid, an artist whose paintings with a lily motif are immensely famous, will be played by Kenji Hamada. He is also a generous philanthropist. Hirofumi Nojima and Atsumi Tanezaki are among the other special guests.

“Yuri no Tsuioku” (Recollection of Lily), the opening episode of the OVA, is an anime original story not seen in the manga. The plot revolves around the work of a famous aristocratic painter vandalized in Bath, a British city famous for its Roman fort. The second episode, “Moriarty-ke no Kyjitsu” (Tea Party, or thereabouts, Moriarty Family Holiday), is based on the comic book chapter of the same name.

On April 27, two special concept sheets for small figures and a booklet of 8 in a sleeve designed by figure designer Tooru Ookubo will be included with the Blu-ray Disc and DVD. On March 5, a pre-screening of the first installment will take place at Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza.

The 24-episode anime series aired in October 2020. Funimation streamed the anime live in Japan and is now streaming an English dub. The second part of the anime debuted in April 2021. The 12th installment marked the beginning of the second half.

James Moriarty, the iconic enemy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels, is the novel’s main character. In the manga, he is an illegitimate child who takes the nickname William James Moriarty after being accepted into the Moriarty family along with his younger brother. He strives to eliminate the injustices produced by England’s harsh class structure as a young man.

Moriarty The Patriot, a recently popular anime, is a new version of the famous Sherlock Holmes, told from Moriarty’s point of view. Albert James Moriarty, Earl Moriarty’s eldest child, and the last true Moriarty find themselves at odds with his parents’ anti-commoner attitude.

After learning of their ambitions for British history, Albert persuades his father to accept the future Moriarty and his brother Louis, widening the chasm between them. Earl Moriarty suffers horrific repercussions as a result.