Netflix is ​​home to hundreds of movies and TV series around the world. It has become one of the most demanded and successful online streaming platforms, a testament to the ever-changing viewing habits of people. It has certainly come a long way from DVD rentals and emails; now we have the latest shows with just one click.

One of the best features of Netflix is ​​the variety of shows that a single viewer can enjoy. Not only the range of genres, but also the varied choices. Many foreign shows have been added to its library, and now anyone can watch a movie or two in their favorite language. Here are the best non-English shows on Netflix based on Rotten Tomatoes:

Squid Game (2021) – 95%

squid game is a Korean survival horror drama that unexpectedly took the world by storm. Its popularity made the show the most-watched series of all time, thus granting a second season. The mechanics of the game are very simple, but the consequences are deadly. Child’s play, you say?

Each time a player wins a challenge, they advance to the next round. the losers will then face immediate death. There will be only one winner, and that player will win a fortune to pay off his debts.

Dark (2017) – 95%

dark netflix

Dark is a time travel series in German that will make you think. The characters living in a small town discover that it is possible to travel through space and time, but this discovery will also reveal dark secrets of the past.

The show was critically acclaimed and ran for three seasons. The intense and engrossing story combined with sci-fi is sure to have viewers glued to their screens for hours.

Kingdom (2019) – 96%

Kingdom Netflix

Kingdom is a Korean zombie thriller series set in the 16th century Joseon Dynasty. With the flood of zombie shows here and there, this series rose above the crowd and gained instant popularity. The story revolves around a mysterious disease that seems to come from a poisonous plant.

The series currently has two seasons and a feature film which was released in 2021. Fans and critics alike praise the stunning cinematography and original story, as well as the talented cast and the appearance of Korean star Jun Ji-Hyun.

Elite (2018) – 97%


Elite is a Spanish teen drama series that revolves around a prestigious high school and the relationship between rich and poor kids. It might sound like a typical high school story, but wait…there’s a murder involved, and everyone can be a suspect.

The show is a big hit and has already run for five seasons with another coming soon. Rotten Tomatoes reviewers said the characters are charismatic and the story is highly digestible.

Lupine (2021) – 97%

Lupine Netflix

Lupine is a story-based French-language drama starring master thief Arsene Lupin, a character from a 1900s novel. Omar Sy plays Assane Diop, and his plan is to get revenge on the person who murdered his father. .

So far, it has a season consisting of 10 episodes. A new sequel has been confirmed by Netflix, and reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes have described it as “smart, sexy, and stylish.”