Netflix increased its prices in Canada in October 2020 and has now added another round of increases.

According to Reuters, Netflix confirmed on Friday that it has increased its monthly price by $1 to $2 in the United States, from US$13.99 to US$15.49.

For Canada, price increases are also in effect, as the Standard plan (2 simultaneous streams) has gone from CAD$14.99 to CAD$16.49 per month, up CAD$1.50. The Premium plan went to CAD$20.99, up CAD$2 from CAD$18.99.

The basic entry plan remains at CAD $9.99 per month.

Netflix says these price increases are now effective for new customers immediately. Existing customers will receive an email 30 days before prices change for existing members.

“These prices apply to new members and will gradually take effect for all current members. Current members will receive an email notification 30 days before their price changes, unless they change their plan,” Netflix says on its website.

“We understand that people have more entertainment choices than ever before and we are committed to providing an even better experience for our members,” a Netflix spokesperson said, adding, “We are updating our prices so that we can continue to offer a wide variety of quality entertainment options. As always, we offer a range of plans so members can choose a price that suits their budget.

As of September 2021, Netflix had 74 million customers in Canada and the United States, the company’s largest market. The company spent $17 billion on new content in 2021, for its 213.6 million subscribers worldwide.