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Netflix and Universal Television are teaming up for new comedy series titled Blockbuster which documents the lives of the staff who work in the last remaining Blockbuster store in the United States. Here’s a look at everything we know so far about the new series that will be presented by Randall Park.

We first reported on the project in early November 2021 and then officially confirmed by Netflix on November 17th. The series, created by Vanessa Ramos, will have 10 episodes of 30 minutes.

In a press release to Deadline, Tracey Pakosta, Head of Comedy at Netflix, said, “This is ultimately the story of a group of dedicated colleagues, with a lot of heart. And now, with the hilarious Randall Park signing on to star, it’s a given. “

Who is behind Blockbuster on Netflix?

Vanessa Ramos is the spearhead of the project for Universal and Netflix. Ramos has an impressive resume as a co-producer on Superstore as well as a writer on other NBC series such as Brooklyn nine-nine, Crash, and Kenan. She was also a consulting producer on Netflix big mouth series.

Vanessa ramos

David Caspe and Jackie Clarke are also the writers of the series. Caspe is best known for his work on Kenan and Black monday but was also a screenwriter on the Adam Sandler film, This is my boy.

John Davis will be executive producer under his Davis Entertainment banner. David Entertainment worked on Tree and Dolemite is my name for Netflix.

Jackie Clarke, David Caspe, John Fox and Vanessa Ramos will be the executive producers with Bridger Winegar and Robert Petrovic as co-executive producers.

What will Blockbuster be talking about on Netflix?

From many descriptions we have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the series.

In a world of on-demand content always available, a group of nostalgic workers and their small town community come together to try to save the world’s last Blockbuster Video store. The series explores what it takes – and more specifically, who it takes – for a small business to succeed against all odds in a dying industry, in a dying mall, in a dying town.

The show is comparable to the likes of Hypermarket as good as Parks and recreation and Office which have all been big hits for NBC.

The series would provide an “authentic experience” in the past, with production acquiring the rights to be able to use the official Blockbuster logo and store uniforms throughout production.

Blockbuster is an ensemble comedy and will have six main characters.

We can also reveal some of the character names and their traits.

  • Randall Park (known for Wandavision, Always be my maybe and Freshly landed) will play Timmy, one of the main protagonists who is described as a dreamer and lover of the movies.
Randall Park The Show Next Door Studio from Roku brand

Randall Park

  • Connie is described as motherly and works in Blockbuster because of the friends she made there and certainly not the money.
  • Carlos is a young man in his twenties and is described as an avid film enthusiast, which makes him come across as a snob.
  • Hannah is a young girl in her twenties and described as the Girl Next Door.
  • Eliza is a stubborn woman in her forties.
  • Kayla is the youngest of the main cast members who is described as stylish and too cool for school.

The story of Netflix with the blockbuster video

Netflix and Blockbuster have an illustrious history given at one point in history, Blockbuster was fortunate enough to buy Netflix.

The pair of companies started out as video rental companies, but with one key difference, Netflix was an online business and Blockbuster was a brick and mortar business. Of course, Netflix ultimately had to move away from DVDs (although the DVD rental business is still in business in the United States) in favor of video streaming. He then had to pivot again not only to streaming but also to become a content producer.

Blockbuster’s downfall began in the mid-2000s, after there were more than 5,600 stores in the United States alone. Fast forward to today, there is only one still operating in Bend, Oregon.

When will Blockbuster start running?

According to the production listings seen by What’s on Netflix, filming for the series is currently scheduled to begin in February 2022. More specifically, they note that filming will take place at the end of February 2022. Netflix has yet to confirm this.

To prepare for the new series, it’s worth watching The Last Blockbuster which arrived on Netflix in Canada and the United States in April 2021. The doc features interviews with Adam Brody, Kevin Smith, Ione Skye, Jamie Kennedy, Brian Posehn, Samm Levine, Paul Scheer and James Arnold Taylor and is narrated by Lauren Lapkus.

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