Disturbing news is reaching us thanks to the Massachusetts Traffic Safety Division. Last year, in 2021, the number of road crash fatalities in Massachusetts hit their highest level in years.

More people died on Massachusetts roads in 2021 than any year since 2009. That’s a pretty grim statistic, but for what reasons? It turns out that several different factors played a role.

According to the Massachusetts Division of Traffic Safety, the number of people who died on Massachusetts roads last year rose to 390, 63 more deaths than in 2020. It is also the highest total in any one only year since 2009.

Preliminary data from Mass. Highway Safety also shows some interesting reasons why the number of road fatalities is increasing. The two main causes of the high number of fatalities are speeding and less people using their seat belts. It’s true. The use of seat belts is decreasing.

The Highway Safety Agency, which is a division of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, also reports that another reason for the high number of fatalities was the increase in the number of motorcyclists.

Apparently, according to AAA Northeast, drivers in Bay State are less likely to buckle up. Part of the reason is that seat belt laws in Massachusetts are a bit more lax than in other states.

The Massachusetts Highway Safety Division wrote on its Facebook page: “Please slow down, buckle up and watch twice to save a life.” Good advice indeed. Together, let’s reverse this upward trend.

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