So if you grew up here in Ocean County, you probably remember Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant. The restaurant chain introduced its “Big Boy” who sat atop its restaurants. You can’t forget this “Big Boy” because he was happy and always welcoming.

If you’re not familiar with Bob’s Big Boy, the restaurant chain started in 1949 in California. The “Big Boy” mascot was created after a real boy who worked at the restaurant. In 1956, the channel actually started a comic strip titled “The Adventures of the Big Boy“. Big Boy had a girlfriend named Dolly and a dog named Nugget. The comic was in circulation until 1996.

One item that Bob’s Big Boy is known for is the “double decker burger”. According Beast Burger “The original double-decker burger had a sesame bun that was sliced ​​twice to create a center bun. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s had hundreds of restaurant imitators, including the most famous, McDonald’s Big Mac.”

So as far as we are concerned here in Ocean County, if Bob’s Big Boy was able to make a comeback, would we want one here in Ocean County? Do you miss the Big Boy? I remember the Big Boy here in Ocean County, is it time for the Big Boy to come back?

Ring the bell and let us know what you think. are you for or against or could you care less about seeing Bob’s Big Boy in Ocean County? Where would you place it Toms River? Brick? Pleasant Point? Jackson? Manahawkin? Let’s see what the reaction is.

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