Another DVD and Blu-ray seller seems to have disappeared, as Zoom (not that one) disappears from the web.

It might not be the biggest surprise, but another physical media retailer seems to have gone internet trash. was created by Universal and Sony, and has long been a great place to get their movies on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray at cheap prices. Zoom sales were really something.

The turning point came late last year, when Universal and Warner Bros entered into a global partnership for their physical home entertainment release. The way he split things up meant Warner Bros took over physical media work in the UK, and that meant the need for Zoom was gone (given Warner Bros has its own online store).

As such, Zoom has been put up for sale and transferred to new owners. Still, it seemed that without the direct relationships with the studio, it couldn’t really compete on price.

Now, in the past couple of weeks, the URL seems to have become inactive and the online store has disappeared. Heading to leads to a domain parking page, and the store is gone. The Twitter account has been dormant since late last year, and sadly, it looks like another retailer has bitten the dust.

If we hear otherwise, we’ll let you know. For now, it’s one less place to buy records.

In other news, the Zoom where you have to make endless video calls is still alive.

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