Nostalgia can be fun, but there comes a time when common sense kicks in. And that applies, in my opinion, to the old Wyndall supermarket that used to be part of Parrish Avenue, about a block west of the Owensboro Sports Center.


I spent time in this old grocery store; it was the ONLY place my grandfather “did business” as he would say. And it was also my mom’s preference, even though we didn’t live nearby growing up. So, yes, there were always good memories when I walked past. But that must have been WAY too many flashbacks because year after year the building sat empty, leaving Owensboroans wondering if ANYTHING was ever going to go on this property.

Well, now we have our answer.


Last fall I saw that the land had been dug up and asked someone on the site what it was going to be. He told me it had to be a Dollar Tree but asked me not to “go through it”.

I couldn’t get confirmation at the time, so I couldn’t write about it. But now it’s a near certainty that it’s a dollar tree because no other company has this green band around its structures.

Of course, that now begs the question, “WHEN will it open?” Well, it’s sort of become apparent, based on social media chatter and unofficial information from the other two stores, that we’re looking at a spring opening for the new Parrish Avenue Dollar Tree.


Someone from the construction company told me they were almost done. All that’s left to do is get the parking lot done, and then the Chesapeake, Va.-based discount chain will take over with finishes like the paint and the panel above the door.

So get ready. A new Dollar Tree, within walking distance of SO many Owensboroans – and I hear it makes Parrish Avenue even MORE appealing – is about to open.

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