Pennyworth Season 2 ended on Epix two months ago. There is not long to wait to relive the episodes. the Pennyworth The Season 2 DVD release date has been set.

When it comes to prequel stories, Pennyworth was one we didn’t realize how badly we needed. It tells the story of Alfred, Batman’s butler before he became Batman’s butler. He had a dark and mysterious life before becoming a butler, which helped make his role in Batman’s life much more meaningful.

The second season resumed with the Raven Union threatening to invade London. The fascist group was to be dismantled, but would Alfred be quite interested in doing so? After all, he was busy enjoying the war-torn city.

At the same time, Alfred wonders if it’s time to leave London and head to America. These plans are however suspended. How does it end up getting there?

Pennyworth Season 2 DVD Release Date

If you want to relive the whole season, there is not long to wait. the Pennyworth The Season 2 DVD release date is set for Tuesday July 13. It’s a bit later than the first season, but the season 2 release date was also later! We expected a little longer to wait for the DVD release date.

You can Pre-order Pennyworth Season 2 on Amazon at present. Whether you want the DVD or Blu-ray copy, you can pre-order for $ 29.99 with the price guarantee. That means you’ll get it at the lowest price until the release date, regardless of what price you agree to at the time of pre-order.

Can’t wait for the DVD to come out? You can still get all the episodes on Digital. You can get Epix through Amazon Channels, where you can watch both seasons of Pennyworth and everything else the streamer posted. Alternatively, you can buy all episodes so you only pay once and all episodes will be added to your Amazon library.

Pennyworth The Season 2 DVD release date is set for Tuesday, July 13.