<p>Here’s where you can buy the elusive console </p>
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Here’s where you can buy the elusive console

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Since its launch in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been notoriously difficult to obtain, as pandemic-related supply chain issues have slowed production. Fortunately, the situation has improved, with PS5 bundles now readily available.

Today PS5 bundles are available on Argos, curries, EE, Very, ShopTo, Studio, Base, To analyseBox and in some branches of Smyths Toys. Stock is running out at Gamewhile PS5 Digital Edition Packs are in stock at BT Shop for BT Broadband customers, as well as The game collection.

Because retailers prefer to sell more expensive bundles, standalone consoles are rare and sell out quickly. While the standard PS5 edition is easy to nab, the cheaper digital edition is a little harder to get your hands on.

Still looking for a PlayStation 5? Bookmark this live blog and watch for our real-time restock alerts. We’ll help you find a PS5 – whether as part of a bundle or on its own – and share the latest information on the best games and accessories to buy, plus the latest game reviews.

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BT customers have exclusive access to this digital edition pack

The cheaper PS5 Digital Edition has been hard to come by for months now, but BT is helping customers get one. The company is currently offering a digital edition bundle that includes the console, a second Dualsense controller, and Forbidden Horizon West for £459.99.

BT customers simply log into their account, where an access code will be waiting for them. After showing it on the BT store website, they can purchase the console.

BT also has a PS5 disc edition pack in stock with Forbidden Horizon West for £499.99.


What is the difference between the two PS5 models?


Sony is selling two versions of the PS5. These are known as Disc Edition and Digital Edition. They have the same performance, design and technical specifications, but the digital edition does not have a disc drive. This means that games can only be played by downloading them, and there’s obviously no way to play DVDs or Blu-ray movies.

The digital edition is also cheaper, with an original RRP of £359.99, compared to £449.99 for the disc edition. However, on August 25, Sony announced that it would increase the RRP of both consoles with immediate effect, to £389.99 and £479.99, respectively.


Read our F1 Manager 22 review

We got our hands on the new F1 Manager 22which takes the pinnacle of motorsport and adds it to the success of the searing sports strategy that is soccer manager. The result is a game that appeals to hardcore F1 fans, but does so in a way that completely immerses them in the strategy of a race weekend.

Our reviewer gave the game an 8/10 and said, “Between the ecstasy of cracking the top 10 and the agony of being rammed into a barrier – F1 Manager 22 is a faithful recreation of motorsport. For the best or for the worst. The game will not convert people to the sport in the way Drive to survive a, or in the manner Fifa and soccer manager the magic of the job, but there’s some serious simulation here and diehards especially will enjoy it the most.

They added: “F1 Manager 22 is a great start for Frontier Developments, and it deserves to pick up points and plaudits alongside F1 22. The future is bright, and if the envelope is pushed a bit further in the coming years (Frontier will be developing a game annual until 2024), we may have a real great sportsman on our hands.

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Studio has two PS5 bundles available today

Studio is offering two PS5 bundles today. Both include the Disc Editing Console with a second Dualsense controller. We then add Forbidden Horizon West for a total of £559.99, while the other packages Gran Turismo 7 instead of HFWfor £579.99.


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Very has PS5 stock available, but there’s a catch

Very is one of many retailers to have PS5 stock available today. However, while many stores offer fast delivery, Very operates a pre-order system where orders placed now won’t arrive until August 31.

If you don’t mind waiting a few days, Very offers the PS5 Disc Edition with Forbidden Horizon West for £499.99.


This is the perfect PS5 bundle for F1 fans


Formula 1 fans, we have the PS5 bundle for you. Available from Box, the bundle is priced at £699.99 and includes the Disc Edit Console, F1 2022 and the Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel and pedals.


Argos has a PS5 digital bundle in stock (but not for everyone)

In addition to ShopTo, Argos offers a bundle of PS5 digital consoles with Forbidden Horizon West in stock, priced at £409.99. However, due to the way Argos manages its online inventory, this console is not available to everyone.

We are in London, and the Argos website says the nearest store with this lot in stock is 170 miles away in Taunton, Somerset. Hope you can find a stock closer to you!

Failing that, Argos also offers a PS5 disc edition bundle with Forbidden Horizon West for £499.99, which appears to be more widely available.


PS VR2 confirmed for release in early 2023

This week, Sony shared an update on its new virtual reality headset, called PS VR2. And the good news is that players don’t have much time to wait to get their hands on it. The company shared via Instagram that its next-gen headset will arrive in early 2023.

Sony hasn’t released much more information than that, so we’re still waiting to see how much it will cost, but it looks like the company is set to launch its VR headset early next year.

For everything we know so far about Sony’s next-gen PS5 VR headset, read the article below:


Add this PS5 bundle to your monthly EE bill

The EE Phone Network is taking a different approach to PS5 retail. Instead of selling the console or a bundle at the normal price, EE is allowing existing customers to add the console to their monthly bill, spreading the cost over 11 months.

EE has PS5 disc edition with Forbidden Horizon West and a second Dualsense controller for £10 upfront then £52 per month. In total, it will cost you £582 over 11 months.