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Hello, listeners. It’s Mike Snider here. Welcome to Talking Tech. Brett Molina is out today. It’s 2022 now, but I recorded this just at the end of 2021. I started to remember all the crazy tech stories over the course of a year that seem to go on forever, almost like an extension of 2020.

If you remember, there have been several internet outages that have interrupted our online lives. Lives that have become so important that we have had to assess our ability to leave our homes and come together in person. Social media platforms such as Facebook broke down and streaming services, apps, cloud storage and other parts of our lives online were inaccessible for a long time. We probably haven’t seen the end of these outages, so you might want to think about workarounds.

My colleagues and I came up with a few suggestions like saving important images to a USB drive besides storing them in the cloud. If home entertainment is important, then don’t throw away that DVD player or Blu-ray player as you may need to remove these discs if Netflix and Disney + fail.

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There have also been a lot of funny videos and memes on social media over the year. One of the first involved a photo of Senator Bernie Sanders during President Biden’s inauguration. You look back at the senator bundled up in his brown mittens, now it looks like it was over 11 months ago. At least for me. TikTok became the most popular domain in 2021 according to web content delivery company CloudFlare. Surpassing, and

Some TikTok content, including the so-called challenges to steal or vandalize school property, has given the platform a bad reputation. There were probably some broken bones during the TikTok Milk Crate challenge. But speaking of bones, among the entertaining and safe content TikTok provided was the Bone or Bone Day Pug of the Day. Of course, there was a lot of dancing. You can stay up to date with all the fun internet trends and memes in a story from my colleagues, Jordan Mendoza and Asha Gilbert, at

Of course, the metaverse became a thing in 2021. Author Neil Stevenson envisioned the metaverse as a lingering alternate online reality in his 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash. It’s still a fun read if you haven’t already. Either way, the Metaverse will definitely be everywhere in 2022. You want to catch up on the Metaverse, just go to or the app and search for Metaverse.

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