Back in 1999, SMG and Selma Blair’s on-screen kiss was a big deal. And it won Best Kiss at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, with the pals recreating the kiss on stage.

Not in the script? That iconic spitting chain that follows their kissing lesson.

“I forget who, but someone said, ‘We have to go back, there’s saliva that connects them. And [cinematographer] Theo [van de Sande] was like, ‘No, it’s beautiful.’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s hot. I mean, we’ll go back, but I think it’s cool,” Kumble reminded Cosmo. “So it was a happy accident. And we kind of remembered it for that.”

When it came to filming it, Gellar once said, “Selma was afraid she couldn’t kiss me. But she didn’t!”

Blair (who was actually 27 and playing 15-year-old Cecile’s first year) admitted to having had some initial nerves, but revealed that Gellar had them too, saying: “Besides kissing my sister Years ago in a game of truth or dare I had never kissed a girl until the point where I had to kiss Sarah. We shot our kiss scene on the last day of filming. And, c was really great. On my way from Los Angeles to New York to film the scene in Central Park, I said to Sarah, ‘Tomorrow we’re going to kiss!’ She was like, ‘Shhhh. Don’t talk.'”

For Gellar, the kiss, which was performed in Central Park with hundreds of extras and photographers, ended up making tabloid headlines the following week. “[We] I saw headlines that said something like, ‘Sarah is having a day in Central Park with a friend,'” Blair recalled. “I guess they all had their telescopic lenses ready that day.”