It was a lousy football game played at Highmark Stadium on Monday night.

The New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills 14-10. The Patriots attempted just three passes with Mac Jones and ran the ball over 40 times over 200 yards, including 64 yards on a Damien Harris touchdown, New England’s only touchdown in the game.

The Bills’ only touchdown came on a 14-yard pass to Gabriel Davis.

Josh Allen threw for 145 yards on 15 completed passes, which was actually very impressive in those 40mph gusts of wind, which caused both teams to alter their game plans, and why New England decided to throw the ball exclusively all night.

Emotions ran high in the post-game as Micah Hyde went viral for his comments after a question from a local reporter, asking him in part if they felt “embarrassed?” “

It wasn’t the only interesting thing to come out of the post-game commentary.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott has made it clear that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick doesn’t need more credit than he needs after the win. McDermott said the loss was due to the Bills’ lack of capitalization on their chances in the red zone and position on the ground.

This from WIVB’s Heather Prusak.

McDermott’s comments are obviously interpreted in a way where he admits that Belichick has outperformed him in this game, which I agree with; but I understand where he’s coming from and yes the Bills would have won if they had just scored in their four red zone attempts. A failed basket and a turn-over on the downs were 10 points left on the board.

The Patriots’ running game hasn’t exactly run all over the Bills like the Colts did a few weeks ago.

Take out Damien Harris’ 64-yard run (which linebacker Tremaine Edmunds continued), and the Bills passed New England by nearly 70 yards. The Bills also had 16 first tries in that game, which is a pretty incredible statistic considering the wind and they only managed 10 points. The Patriots had 10 first downs. Both teams had the same number of records.

The Bills have some serious flaws in the offensive running game and the training has been a concern, both in terms of time management and play calls. However, this kind of game that we saw on Monday night is a circumstance. very rare and it is likely that we will not see it again for a very long time.

The Bills had plenty of chances to win this game, but didn’t capitalize. Last year they did, but this year it’s a whole different story.

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