If you’re struggling to get to the movies, or you’re just trying to stay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be looking for the Spider-Man No Way Home release date to rent online. The reality is that movie rental schedules are a bit convoluted with different retailers and the difference between the more expensive premier house style and the classic old fashioned online rental, but we’ll try to break it all down for you. can give you at the latest on the release date for both options.

The film sees Tom Holland return as Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego Spider-Man, but with the events of Far From Home, the whole world knows he’s the Avenger rocking the web. If that’s not enough, many of them have signed on to the Mysterio spin and see him as a potential villain with the death of Quentin Beck at the end of the last film.


If you’ve seen the trailer you know Peter is looking to Doctor Strange to make everyone forget he’s the web guy, which goes wrong and we get a New York City full of mess. multiverse. It’s a pretty exciting concept and after seeing the movie on the big screen it’s a movie you don’t want to miss, so it’s easy to see why you might be desperate to find out more about when it’s released. for online rental.

Top-notch home rental

The first opportunity to see the movie on your TV will be the first home rental and this typically happens around 45 to 60 days after the original cutscene release date. If you’ve been following this since Spider-Man No Way Home hit theaters (December 15, 2021 in UK & 17 in North America), a good ball park would be late January 2022 or early February.


The film was a big hit in theaters and we don’t expect Marvel or Sony to want to disrupt this too soon, so it could be on the longer side of the spectrum which would make February the most likely candidate for the first date. first house rental exit. However, the impact of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 pandemic may well change that, which would move things forward a bit at the end of January.

Amazon Prime video appears to have cornered the market in terms of early access to theatrical movies, so this will likely be one of the first places to watch No Way Home online. However, the Play Store and iTunes will be other options and we’ll update things here as details are confirmed regarding the official release date.

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Online release date of the standard rent at the latest


There’s a lot to consider for the Spider-Man No Way Home online release date, as the difference between movies in theaters and those released for home entertainment has changed a lot over the past few months. However, if we stay on the standard for movies released between July and October 2021, then we should see the movie available for standard rental in March 2022.

However, that comes with a few pretty important caveats, because everything is so reversed right now. For example, if we were to downgrade before that, we wouldn’t see the movie for rent online until April 2022, a little over a month later.

If you’re looking for examples to continue, the No Time To Die DVD and Blu-ray release date is slated for December 20, 2021 following its big screen release, which began September 30, 2021 in the KINGDOM. -UNITED. Rental will then follow a week or two after DVD and Blu-ray, so if this is the model Sony is going with for No Way Home, then March 2022 is a good guess.

However, again, much of this will depend on the severity of the Omicron variant, as we’ve seen previous winters make a big dent in the film industry. It doesn’t look like winter 2021/22 is going to be as badly affected as 2020/21 in terms of closed theaters, but with the introduction of COVID passes, we’re still going to see much lower numbers than in previous years. the pandemic.

The only other thing to consider when determining when Spider-Man No Way Home will be available to rent online is that Easter in 2022 is April 17th. Normally, a Christmas box office would follow with an Easter release for home entertainment, which maximizes sales potential, so it’s possible things could go back to the old standard and April is the date Sony chooses.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll update things here with more information as it’s confirmed, but the latest version above should give you rough date ranges to aim for. Home Premier will be the first option so it will be the first thing to update in the New Year but it’s still a long way off so if you can make it to the movies it’s a must see.

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