STAPLES – The Minnesota Department of Revenue said the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office was recently charged Blaine Butlerof Staples, with four counts of failing to file tax returns.

According to the complaint, Butler failed to file his state tax returns for the 2017 through 2020 tax years.

The complaint also alleges Butler’s wife, Melanie Butlerthrough her work as a director of the nonprofit Eagle’s Healing Nest, withdrew funds from the nonprofit for her personal use and that these amounts should have been reported as taxable income on their returns jointly produced.

Although they received several letters from the department demanding that they file the missing statements, the butlers reportedly failed to do so until the investigation was nearly complete. However, the complaint says those returns were based solely on Mr. Butler’s W-2 earnings and did not include the taxable income they received from Eagle’s Healing Nest.

According to the complaint, Butler owes more than $6,200 in income tax, penalties and interest.

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