Clearing time: Fooled forever is on Paramount+, and its spin-off, donkey 4.5, is on Netflix, and don’t ask why such illogicality exists, because the answer is probably quite boring and has to do with commercial contracts. So I hope the most diehard Jackasseteers subscribe to both streaming services, or at least have the savvy enough faculties to exploit a free trial period. donkey 4.5 is the traditional compilation of clips and behind-the-scenes content (see also: donkey 2.5 and donkey 3.5) that’s sure to satisfy your insatiable craving for more incidents of genital mutilation and gag-and-chunder scenes, as if the regular movie didn’t already have enough. So the question is, does it contain any wacky gems or is it obvious that those moments didn’t make the cut the first time around?


The essential: I have to say up front, without any spoilers of course, that the man known as Dark Shark – father of the recent Donkey inductee Jasper Dolphin – endured an incredibly grueling endeavor in which he faced his greatest fear, panicked to the point of thinking he was having a heart attack, AND ended up on the cutting room floor. You can’t help but suffer for the guy. Well, at least a fraction of the audience for Fooled forever will see the little, instead of no one, right? And to be brutally honest, some of the stuffing doesn’t work because it’s made too elaborate by the head Donkey Guy Johnny Knoxville, so you understand why he didn’t do the final edit. Sometimes, when torturing a poor soul, voluntarily or not, simplicity is king.

This moment is capping donkey 4.590 minutes of mishmash, some new and gross, some repetitive if you’ve seen Fooled forever (and why would you watch this if you hadn’t?). We get scenes from a Donkey beach party with the cast and crew, a reintroduction to new cast members (Poopies, Jasper, Zach, Rachel, Eric), interviews with key creators on how and why the film came together after a ten-year break and the inevitable sequence explaining how the Covid pandemic halted filming for six months. Of course, that last part includes a mock Covid safety meeting in which all parties sit around a large table and are upset by the sudden, surprise inflation of a bouncy house. You never know when a prank is coming, and special guest Eric Andre, after wetting himself when the porta-potty he’s using explodes, says just being on set makes you constantly nervous . It looks fun!

New gags include the explicit “HOT SAUCE ENEMA” and a variation of “CUP TEST” which sees Danger Ehren getting his genitals crushed by a bowling ball. Similarly, tennis player Shannon Gibbs pulls serves at 200 mph on Jackasses dressed as clowns. Producer Spike Jonze and director Jeff Tremaine take a look at the Fooled forever opening sequence, bragging about how they got a knack behind the foreground camera to turn Chris Pontius’ penis and testicles into a rampaging Godzilla on a miniature city set. Us: Seeing camera operator Lance Bangs throw up twice (final count during filming Fooled forever: six times). Laugh at “SWINGSET GAUNTLET”, which is too funny not to have made the main film. And marvel at the cute shots they get of Poopies waterskiing down a ramp with a rocket pack on their backs. Will this be the last word on Donkey? They do not definitively answer this question.

Photo: ©Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

What movies will this remind you of? : Borat remains or whatever name it has been given; the totally unwatchable Presenter spin-off/non-sequel/glorified DVD bonus feature that took deleted scenes and cobbled them together with voiceover.

Performance to watch: In two seconds, Poopies is standing on top of a ladder and lifting it out from under himself. Simple. Genius. Art.

Memorable dialogue: Rachel, on joining the cast: “That was pretty much my first day, meeting everyone and seeing all their cocks and assholes. It was like family after that.

Sex and skin: What about “dicks and assholes”, don’t you understand?

Our opinion : donkey 4.5 features perhaps the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen in a movie: Jackasseteers putting sashimi under the fat folds and in the 400-pound slot. the man Zach Holmes, wrapping him in cellophane, running him until he was drenched in sweat, then eating the fish. Almost everyone on screen barfs. I had to look away. Consider yourself savvy.

This footage in itself may be enough to suggest redirecting your attention, but those looking at the remains of a Donkey film know what they are getting into. “Normal” movies are barely “movies”, and those in-between collections of random crapola are even less so. I’ll leave the alternate angles on Steve-O’s potty holder, which reminds us of how he got a lot of feces in his mouth, and Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa tracks. But I’ll take the trivia (the guy who played puppeteer The Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man also played Pontius’ schwantz!), more footage from Eric Andre, the fun, anti-articulate commentary from many parties involved, and a greater appreciation for how Knoxville and co. successfully exploit phobias, credulity, stupidity and the blatant lack of self-preservation of the other.

Our call: donkey 4.5 is of course for Donkey completists only. STREAM IT, but keep in mind more casual fans should know that the best clips of this will be on YouTube by the time you finish reading this sentence.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more about his work at