For a very long time it seemed that the Unexplored The film was going to be one of those big screen projects that would never come to fruition. The film based on the popular PlayStation video game franchise sat in development hell for years before finally landing in theaters with Tom Holland portraying the young explorer and adventurer, Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg as his mentor, Victor Sullivan.

But even though it took more than a decade for the dream to come true, it will only be a fraction of that time for fans of the film (or those who missed it in theaters) to watch. Unexplored diffusion. In fact, it’s much earlier than expected.

Leave your tattered map and broken compass at home, because all you need is this handy guide to lead you to your treasure… er, Unexplored diffusion.

When and where can you stream Uncharted?

Whenever a movie is about to be released at home, chances are someone will ask, “Hey, is that [Insert Movie Title Here] going to be on Netflix? And most of the time the answer is no, simply because so many theatrical releases end up on streamers like Peacock, HBO Max, or Hulu before debuting on the popular platform.

Well, that’s not the case in this particular situation because you’ll be able to watch Unexplored streaming there July 15. But remember, only those with an active Netflix subscription will be able to watch Tom Holland’s first, and hopefully not last, turn as Nathan Drake. I mean Sony Pictures has make a sequel with these box office returns.

Stream Uncharted on Netflix (starting July 15). (opens in a new tab)

Are there other ways to watch Uncharted

What about those people who don’t have a Netflix subscription for one reason or another or just prefer to own their movies, digitally or in physical media? They’re out of luck, are they? Right?

Well, there is good news, because Unexplored is already available at a number of online movie stores, including Amazon Prime. All you have to do is open the Prime Video app (remember to use your Amazon subscription) and search for the title. Or, you can take a shortcut and click on the link below.

You can also buy Unexplored in a number of different formats, including Blu-ray, DVD and 4K UHD on Amazon too. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to dive into the bonus features to find out how they pulled off the stunt that Tom Holland called “the hardest thing” he’s ever done.

Rent/Buy Uncharted on Amazon. (opens in a new tab)
Buy Uncharted on Blu-ray on Amazon. (opens in a new tab)

If you’ve ever watched Uncharted….

If you have already watched Unexploredwhether at the cinema or at home, stick around because there are a number of great stories to discover on CinemaBlend.

There’s Sean O’Connell’s positive review (he gave 3.5 out of 5 stars) of the oft-delayed video game movie, as well as a look at other critical responses from several other outlets. You can also consult an in-depth analysis of the Unexplored ending and those world-building end credits sequences that are getting everyone excited for a second movie. There is also a collection of movies similar to Unexplored which are worth seeing.

Hopefully this all makes it a little easier to watch one of the biggest movies of 2022 from the comfort of your own home.