Several celebrities have raised the issue of royalties and it seems their concerns have finally been acknowledged. PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan announced earlier that he was in contact with stakeholders who were working on a comprehensive bill to address this issue.

Speaking to Twitter, he shared an update.

“Realizing that artists in the entertainment industry have long faced the problem of legitimate and fair royalties which amount to misuse of copyright, they submitted a resolution to the Pakistan Senate regarding #RoyaltiesForArtists,” wrote the senator.

“The goal is to give the Copyright Board the power to set royalties for licensing and assignment of works and to secure payments to artists whenever their work is used in any mode, “he added.

It was long overdue, but Pakistani artists have recently started talking publicly about royalties. Happy with the progress, several celebrities shared the news.

“I hope we will adopt it soon so Pakistani artists can finally get their residual dues for reruns or TV reruns of their work,” Hira Tareen wrote.

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“It’s a good start in the legislature … for the preservation of our culture and our arts, let’s preserve our artists”, commented Omair Rana.

“It’s about time and I seriously hope you will succeed,” posted Vasay Chaudhry

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Although this is an excellent initiative, Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has announced that 22 national awards will be awarded to leading Pakistani musicians, artists and filmmakers in 2022, including monetary prices.

The minister also announced that more than 250 million rupees will be donated to the entertainment industry through national awards for film, music and television.

“In the past, Pakistan’s narrative resources have been weakened. The sectors of cinema, theater and music have been neglected. In the 1960s, we were the third greatest filmmaker in the world, while Pakistan was the third or fourth in the world in terms of cinemas, ”he said at a press conference after the ceremony. signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Pakistan Television (PTV) and Pakistan Arts Council regarding national awards.

“Young filmmakers should come forward and produce films with us,” he said. “We will provide them with all possible support, including marketing services. We will do all we can to revive the film industry. We will also reduce taxes, including discounts on electricity, with a particular focus on theaters. “

“We want to strengthen our entertainment channels and strengthen our media to present the history of Pakistan,” he said.