Here’s a celebrity workout trend that those of us who can’t hold our planks and don’t have a gym membership can participate in – no, thrive on – at: trampoline.

While the trampoline might seem like a built-in babysitter for your five-year-old nieces and nephews at the family barbecue, it’s actually a killer cardio workout enjoyed by people like Eva Longoria, Julianne Hough, Goldie Hawnand JEnnifer Garner. And unlike fitness trends of yore like Tae Bo or the ThighMaster, it has long-term appeal. the Cleveland Clinic reported that exercising on a trampoline provides a full-body workout that builds strength, increases balance, relieves stress, and promotes heart health.

Is it necessary to specify that it is also a source of good old Amusing? who does not want follow Hawn’s instructions to “Dancing, jumping and twirling like nobody’s watching” and blasting Dua Lipa in the name of health and wellness?

In the name of shameless twirling, I’ve traveled down the vast rabbit hole of celebrity fitness videos to emerge with recommendations for us trampoline novices. Here are the best trampolines for everyone, from beginners to high-intensity jumpers, and for as little as $50 and as much as, well, a lot – it’s top of the line! Bounce back, friends.

Under a hundred

Luckily, you don’t have to splurge to get a good quality exercise trampoline. Wamkos is an affordable option that is both durable and highly elastic. Naturally for the price, it has a maximum weight of just 200 pounds.


40″ Collapsible Mini Rebounder Trampoline

Suitable for beginners

If you’re just starting to develop your balance, this 55 inch oval fitness trampoline is the best place to start. The oval design gives you more stability during your workouts, plus it comes with a handlebar. You can use the handlebars to stabilize yourself or, possibly, to do more complex exercises.


InTone Oval Fitness Trampoline with Foam Handlebar

If you like barre and yoga…

This isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to embarking on a new training regimen. To hit the ground bouncing, you’ll be ready to go with this 48 inch trampoline with thick stainless steel springs. Thanks to its adjustable handlebars, you can also add bar exercises and yoga poses to your trampoline session. Namaste!


48″ Collapsible Mini Trampoline with Adjustable Foam Handle

Safety first

could”Awkward” be your theme song? If you stumble, stumble, flip, and fumble, try this trampoline with added built-in safety and stability features. It has padding in case you trip, but its anti-tip arched legs will help prevent this from happening as they add stability and balance to the trampoline. It also happens to get top marks from one of our editors who owns one.


350/370 Indoor Fitness Trampoline, 39 inch


We can’t all walk to Tribeca to enjoy trampoline lesson at The Ness studio. We can buy a Ness trampoline, which comes with a free one-hour personal training session. Hooked? You can register for a Ness digital subscription to access the courses at your own pace and in your own space.

The Ness

The Ness Trampoline

The Holy Grail of trampolines

Spending close to a mile on an indoor mini trampoline might seem…excessive. However, you won’t find a better quality model. Whether you’re a trampoline fanatic or just have cash burning a hole in your pocket, the Bellicon is one of the best trampolines money can buy. They’re custom-made to fit you and your fitness goals, and they’re guaranteed for life.


44″ Classic Exercise Trampoline with Bolt-On Legs

Keep quiet

If the trampoline sounds all good and fun except for that shrill sound you remember from childhood, you’re not the only one bothered. Fit Bounce Pro trampolines are designed so you can bounce silently into a state of stress-free bliss.

MXL MaXimus Life

Fit Bounce Pro USA Bungee Rebounder

Jump with workout video

OK, so maybe dancing, twirling, and jumping around like nobody’s watching isn’t really your style. If you want more detailed instructions, go for this pack. It comes with a workout DVD and access to an online library of over 100 workout videos.

MXL MaXimus Life

MaXimus PRO foldable rebounder

More space, please.

Jumping onto a small diameter platform can sometimes feel limited. To give you a little more freedom in your space, go for something bigger, like this 55-inch oval trampoline. Although it takes up more space, it’s worth it for the increased range of exercises you can perform.


In-Tone Oval Jogger for 55″ Trampoline

Make your wallet happy

This trampoline costs less than $50. Yes, you read that right. Amazon reviewer Mark T. Brody wrote, “I’ve used some really expensive ones and can’t figure out why they even exist. This one was super cheap and is amazing. I’ve been using it almost every day since I first got it. With over 8,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, I think you can take his word for it.


36 inch folding mini trampoline with smart training app

High weight capacity

With a weight capacity of 450 pounds, this trampoline is extremely durable. As a result, its elastics are super strong and maintain a strong level of tension. If you do high intensity workouts, look no further.


550F mini trampoline for adults (weight limit 450 pounds)

Designed for your studio

One of the great things about exercise trampolines is that they provide a complete workout at home, even if you’re not someone who has the extra space for a full-size sofa, let alone the space for a home gym. This trampoline is particularly suitable for small spaces. It is 40 inches in diameter and you can fold it up when not in use.


40 inch folding trampoline

get outside

The trampoline doesn’t have to be an indoor workout. This 48 inch trampoline from FirstE is designed for indoor and outdoor use. When summer arrives, you won’t be surprised to train in your living room. Let your neighbors see you in all your bouncy glory.


48 inch foldable fitness trampolines with 4 adjustable heights.

Tall ones, just be sure to check your ceiling height. We want to see you bounce, but not through the hole in the drywall. Have fun now!