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If you need to quickly rip content from DVD and convert to MP4, there is an app for it. Here’s what you need to know.

You probably haven’t thought about DVDs in a while. In the age of iTunes streaming and downloads, it’s almost archaic technology. However, it is also likely that you have a pile of DVDs somewhere collecting dust.

Rather than throwing away your old DVDs, you may want to consider backing them up to your Mac for long term storage. Once a movie or TV show is converted from DVD to MP4 format, you can also watch it on iPhone, iPad or other device.

If you have rare or more obscure DVD movies and shows that you might not be able to find online, ripping the content on your Mac is an even better idea. You make sure you have a copy of the content even if the disc is lost or damaged.

However, there is no stock option to rip content from DVD. This is where MacX DVD Ripper Pro comes in.

What is MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

MacX DVD Ripper Pro contains a complete suite of DVD ripping tools.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a DVD ripper for Mac. It allows you to easily copy the contents of a disc, convert it to MP4 in about five minutes, and save it to your computer.

Before doing so, let’s go over some of the benefits and features of the software.

Features of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

You can even edit DVD content with built-in editing tools.

You can even edit DVD content with built-in editing tools.

In a nutshell, MacX DVD Ripper Pro allows you to copy and convert any kind of DVD content to the most popular video and audio formats. As mentioned, this allows you to play DVDs on devices that don’t have a disc drive, such as iPhone, iPad, and most modern Mac devices.

The software accepts all DVDs, including newer and older discs, as well as regional DVDs. You can even extract the contents of encrypted or damaged discs.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro allows users to perform individual backups of entire DVD contents to an ISO image or folder without any quality loss.

It uses unique level 3 hardware acceleration to speed up the process. Converting a two-hour movie takes about five minutes. The software also supports exports to over 350 formats – like MOV, FLV and HEVC / H.265 – and decides profiles like iPhone or iPad.

Moreover, MacX DVD Ripper Pro also has built-in DVD content editing tools, which allow you to cut, merge, crop and trim DVD videos. You can even add your own subtitles.

How to Use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Rip DVD Content

Converting DVD content to MP4 is simple - just select MP4 as the output format.

Converting DVD content to MP4 is easy – just select MP4 as the output format.

Using the software is a snap. Just download the app on your Mac – there is even an option to rip DVDs for free on your Mac with a trial version.

Once you have installed and registered the application, it is very easy to rip the contents of your DVD to your system.

To note: You will of course need a disk drive for these steps. If your Mac doesn’t have a built-in disk drive, there are external disk drives that you can connect via USB.

  1. Once your DVD is inserted into a disc drive, load it into the software
  2. Choose MP4 format in the output profile
  3. Start DVD Conversion

That’s all we can say about it. In about five minutes you will have an MP4 copy of the contents of your DVD.

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As mentioned, you can download a free trial version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro to try the software.