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There are different choices of media players in our life. However, it is not always easy to find a media player with all the features that you need. For example, you might need a tool that allows you to play HD audio and video or download movies and songs online, but not all programs allow it and sometimes you have to pay to use these services. The software that could solve these problems is 5KPlayer: a combination of media player, AirPlay and DLNA compatible media streamer, and online video downloader.

What most differentiates 5KPlayer from others is that it supports AirPlay and DLNA wireless streaming, it allows you to take advantage of other monitors to play videos, games, documents, presentations, etc. . You can also record audio and video (or video only) while mirroring. These features are very useful in various scenarios including entertainment and education, consider how convenient it is to directly display your iPhone / iPad screen and content on Windows / MacOS PC.

The content below lists the most common 5KPlayer FAQs. Let’s take a look for a more complete and objective understanding of this media player.

Which is better: 5KPlayer or VLC?

It is inconceivable if we conclude without a detailed comparison. Hence, we have compared the important features and functionality of these two for your better choice.

User interface

Although many users prefer VLC because it meets their multimedia requirements, but UI of it has confused many people because its design is outdated and unfriendly. In this regard, you can see a simple and clean interface after seeing the main interface of 5KPlayer. Compared to VLC, the design style of 5KPlayer is more trendy and easier to use for new users.

Supported video formats

To be fair, VLC and 5Kplayer support various known and rare formats. But the former can play a rarer video format for its open source media player. However, 5KPlayer has developed more high definition video formats like HDTV video, Quick Time HD video, etc.

CPU performance comparison

We used the same PC to test each of their CPU occupations. During the testing process, we found that the average CPU usage of 5KPlayer is lower than that of VLC, indicating that 5KPlayer will be more capable of playing HD videos without interruptions or lag.

What are the main features of 5KPlayer?

We have presented the essential functions of 5Kplayer in the content above. And here we have listed several features that make 5KPlayer the best alternative to VLC.

Airplay Supported 4K UHD Player

When you want to mirror the entire screen of an iPhone / iPad to the screen of a Windows PC or Mac, you can do it effortlessly with 5KPlayer. The software can stabilize the projection and reproduce the audio. Simply connect the two devices to the same WiFi network and install 5KPlayer on the receiving device.

Integrated radio and music player

More than a free video player, 5Kplayer is more powerful than you might think. You can use it as a tool to organize your music collections by creating playlists. MP3, AAC, FLAC, APE, etc. are all supported in 5KPlayer. Moreover, with the built-in radio, it allows you to choose from preset internet radio stations or enter the URL of your favorite radio station.

Downloading Videos and Music Online

Without subscription but with prior registration of an account, you can download online multimedia content from more than 300 sites: YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Daily Motion, and many others. You can use this function to download the soundtracks of your favorite movies in MP3 or AAC format and create your media library.

Can 5KPlayer change video format as a video converter?

To download and convert videos simultaneously, you will need 5KPlayer. After downloading videos or music for free, you can directly convert them to popular video formats like MP4, MOV, MP3, etc. And suppose you want a standalone video converter for fast speed and better quality. In this case, WinX Video Converter is the best choice. It allows you to convert any video because this converter supports hundreds of output profiles. With the help of this 5K player, it is highly suggested to find a video converter that can solve all your multimedia questions.

Is 5KPlayer free and supported for Windows and MacOS?

Definitely yes. 5KPlay is 100% free and it is free to use.

Can I use 5KPlayer as a DVD player?

5Kplayer supports both commercial and homemade discs including all regional DVDs, decryption DVDs and DVD media files like ISO image, Video_TS. You can play DVDs freely with it. And if you are looking for software to convert all your DVD collections to MP4 for better backup then you need WinX DVD Ripper, with this professional DVD tool you can easily backup DVD without quality loss in short time. With unique hardware acceleration Level 3, ripping a feature film to DVD takes only about 5 minutes.

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