This Sporting Life – Gerry Cranham photographer, created by Mark Leech. Buy as many copies of this book as you can and give them to all your friends. They will thank you for sharing such an amazing post. Photo: The end of the clock as a backdrop for the Division 1 game, Arsenal v Bristol City in August 1976. CREDIT: Gerry Cranham

Looking for the perfect gift for a crazy Arsenal friend, relative or colleague?

The Gooner Fanzine has it all.

Read on for our Christmas list plus Arsenal Christmas book reviews and recommendations for the loyal Gooner in your life.

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This Sporting Life Photographer – Gerry Cranham, created by Mark Leech: If you are unfamiliar with the work of legendary sports photographer Gerry Cranham, we humbly suggest that you do. This exceptional book curated by Mark Leech – a great friend of the Gooner and a superb photographer in his own right – is utterly wonderful.

We are proud to say that we were among many like-minded fans and opened the doors early for their Kickstarter campaign which funded the release of this masterpiece. Quite simply, if you love sports photography, you must buy this book.

Starring anyone in the world of sports, but it’s so much more than that, as Gerry’s unique eye captures the essence of sports in his unique and fascinating way.

To buy as many copies as possible of this book and give them to all your friends. They will thank you for sharing such an amazing post.


She wore:

Gav de She Wore has always been a strong supporter of the Gooner Fanzine.

We think they’re awesome too.

They have been selling polo shirts and badges since 2010 and their online store was established due to the growing demand for the merchandise they produce.

Their goal is to offer you the best possible quality at the lowest possible price and to deliver it to you in the shortest possible time.

If you have any questions about the products, would like to wholesale or wholesale a product that you think our customers might like, please contact [email protected]

They are shipped worldwide, unless otherwise specified under the product

So why not take a look at their extensive website for a raft of Arsenal-related goodies guaranteed to delight the Gooner in your life.

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All roads lead to the Arsenal by Chris Athanasi.

With over 165 official fan clubs and several hundred other unofficial fan clubs, Arsenal is a global institution with over 100 million fans worldwide.

No longer the domain of Islington fans, this book heartily shares the experiences of being an Arsenal supporter from all corners of the world, staying awake or waking up at ungodly hours to watch the heroes from afar, including the one and only Micky Brock from Sydney we know and love.

Stories of passion, dedication and dedication to a common cause that unites us all.

As author Chris rightly puts it: “Someone in a far country feels the same as you when we win, suffers in silence when we lose and is a soul mate for the sake of Arsenal Football Club. . “

The book can be purchased by emailing [email protected] or via Twitter @ Teabag61 or via Chris’s Facebook page


Caviar and sausages: Arsenal in the time of Wenger by Tony Kokkinos.

“If you eat caviar every day it’s hard to go back to sausages,” Arsene Wenger said after an uninspiring 1998 Highbury draw against Middlesbrough.

This book takes Arsene Who football fans to Wenger Out and covers a unique era for our club and English football as author Tony separates Wenger’s reign into three distinct phases: glory, austerity and stagnation.

This book is a narrative and visual analysis of Caviar – the Invincibles, three titles including two doubles and seven FA Cups and the purest Wengerball – and the Sausages: Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal, that nine-year trophy drought, those humiliating 5-1 hammer blows from Bayern Munich.

On a completely separate note, the current Gooner editor was so furious at Wenger’s lame apology after a 5-1 beating in Munich during coverage of Wenger’s post-game press conference at the Allianz that ‘he stayed to file another story and missed his plane home.

This book is a must read for fans who have witnessed some of the best footballers and players the game has ever seen.

Buy it here


On Land and Sea and Lockdown: Darren Berry’s Arsenal 2020/21 The Corona Diaries.

We’re big fans of the cheeky Chappie Darren and this book should be in every Gooner’s stocking stuffer.

A unique tale of an unprecedented and sometimes traumatic year for Arsenal on and off the pitch, seen through the eyes of a staunch Arsenal supporter for more than four decades.

In the context of a global pandemic that threatened to change our lives for good, at a time when we needed football more than ever to escape the terrible reality.

Sometimes serious, often light-hearted, always passionate and honest, Darren’s book is a glimpse into the roller coaster of emotions experienced during a season like no other.

Buy it here


We only have one song: Arsenal Terrace Songs & Chants

There is so much to recommend in this book, especially the brilliant authors Matthieu bazell (Author), Marc Andrews and Paine Proffit (Illustrator).

This book tells the stories behind the songs that have been sung on the terraces of Arsenal throughout its history.

To read for any true Gooner fan. Over the years, Arsenal fans have created incredible atmospheres on football fields across Europe and invented some of the funniest and most creative chants and songs, the best of which are featured in this book. , as well as many great fan memorabilia.

Highly acclaimed artist Paine Proffit provides many of his award-winning illustrations, as well as evocative photos and memorabilia to accompany the chapters.

We Only Have One Song is a celebration of supporting Arsenal Football Club, and this book pays tribute to every Arsenal fan who has ever sung in support of the team throughout their proud history. This book is dedicated to them.

Buy it here

Watch author Matthew speak with Gooner Fanzine Layth editor here


Highbury Memories:

Arsenal supporters share their point of view from one of football’s biggest homes. A warm book full of unashamed nostalgia for our beloved and late Highbury home.

Buy it here


Ruth Beck Art and Christmas Cards:

We absolutely love Ruth’s work here at the Gooner.

Why not visit his website for his images, engravings and maps evocative of everything related to Arsenal and North London. You will not be disappointed.


Arsenal Editor:

We think Nils Ekenberg is great.

Take a look at his shop to find prints, t-shirts, posters, mugs and more. He’s a great guy too, whose work has featured in the sacred pages of the Gooner Fanzine.


Arsenal Wenger: 50 decisive matches by Layth Yousif. This hardy perennial always sells well. Buy it here and remember the ups and downs of Wenger’s time at Arsenal. The author will be happy to sign it for you if that’s your thing.


Arsene Wenger: Invincible: We are still waiting for the publishers to send us the DVD to review, and for a Gooner competition to be launched. So far we were at White Hart Lane on April 25, 2004, if that helps.


While we’re at it, why don’t we go out membership in Dial Square, as good as Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST). Merry Christmas everyone at the Gooner Fanzine