Here are some notable items on sale at Amazon and Best Buy just in time for Father’s Day.


Giving my parents a Fire TV Stick a few years ago helped them hop on the streaming bandwagon after years of resistance (why would they watch TV on a computer when Netflix still sent DVDs in the mail? ). Now I’m fighting the good fight that many families face, where certain shows are watched out of the blue…which means even though my dad promised he’d wait to watch The Book of Boba Fett with me, it doesn’t did not happen. Shit.

I hope to give him another tech gift he will love this year, as I imagine many of you are too. So here are some notable items on sale at Amazon and Best Buy just in time for Father’s Day.


Apple – AirPods Pro (with Magsafe charging case)

$219.00 $179.99

When you think of the best headphones on the market, the AirPods come to mind. But they can be quite expensive. The Apple Airpods Pro 2021 model is the newest iteration and in addition to offering active noise cancellation and an adaptive equalizer, it comes with a MagSafe charging case for dads on the go. At $179, that’s 21% off – which isn’t too shabby either.

Other things to consider: People really love their AirPods — they have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from Best Buy. That said, I don’t. They’re not very comfortable for those of us with small ears and hard to work with (plus I think they make you look like the Laughing Cow. Why does it have earrings? ears? So weird). Aside from the cow, some of my sentiments are echoed by less than happy reviewers: “They fall off easily, after an hour of wearing them they start to hurt my ears, a little sweaty and they slip out of my ear “, a reviewer who works in construction wrote.


Echo Dot, 4th Generation

$49.99 $27.99

Over 436,000 reviews on Amazon giving the Echo Dot an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. “Easy setup, functional and fun,” writes one reviewer. “It’s a great device that I highly recommend. We use it and all of our other outlets all day for news, music, drop[ping]-in, calendar and timer notifications, and purchases among other features. In closing, five stars!

Other things to consider: Audiophiles may not be satisfied with the sound quality of the Dot. “The Echo Dot still has a 1.6-inch speaker and a 3.5mm line-out to power more capable speakers. If you want better sound, you’ll have to upgrade to the fourth-generation Echo with its 3-inch woofer and dual 0.8-inch tweeters,” says PCMag.



$99.99 $74.99

Speaking of the Echo, one feature of the newer model that reviewers are raving about is its improved sound quality over previous models. “The spherical design has real benefits and it shows in the improved sound. And it’s improved. The music is easily better, more complex and effortless,” said one reviewer. The device has an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 116,000 reviews.

Other things to consider: Some reviewers note that the voice command responsiveness on the 4th Gen Echo isn’t as strong as previous versions. So it might not be worth upgrading if you have older models. “On some occasions, he will understand you perfectly – better than you think. At others you wonder if you are on the same plane of existence,” writes one reviewer.

Fire 4K Max TV Stick

$54.99 $44.00

If you’re looking to cut the cord without throwing out your existing TV, you can turn your regular TV into a smart TV with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max – Amazon’s most powerful Fire TV Stick yet. Nearly 57,000 verified Amazon reviewers give it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It’s also compatible with most major streaming apps and live TV streaming services. “If you want to upgrade from any [non-4K] version of the Fire Stick, you’ll notice that it’s much faster, smoother, and apps don’t take that long to load.

Other things to consider: “If you have a Fire Stick 4K, there’s no need to upgrade. Although it says more memory, better hardware, etc., you won’t really notice a difference between this and the Fire Stick standard 4K,” one reviewer wrote.


GoPro – HERO10 Action Camera

$499.99 $399.99

A great gift for the outdoorsy dad – considering buying one myself as my dad and I are big skiers. PCMag says the latest GoPro HERO model is “the company’s best action camera yet,” with more pixels and double the frame rate of its predecessor. As well as being great for the POV action shots we’ve come to expect from the GoPro, it’s also ideal for live streaming and as a webcam, the reviewer writes.

Other things to consider: Its autonomy still leaves something to be desired. The supplied battery drains after approximately 90 minutes of use. You can purchase additional batteries from GoPro to extend this life, but at $19.99 each, they can make things a bit more expensive.

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