In some countries, opening of a film during the world cup might be a ride on the self-imposed board, but for Disney’s second high seas adventure, take their famous theme park ride (since updated to reflect the new found success), “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, it felt more like an easy walk to the bank.

The sequel, which found the show’s heroes delaying a wedding and confronting Davy Jones and a Kraken, was “a behemoth, and it just goes on“said Paul Dergarabedian of Exhibitor Relations Co, as it opened at $135.6 million, nearly a third of its final gross total.

“Dead Man’s Chest” was quite a treasure for Disney, perform the following feats at the box office: the highest single-day gross, the highest three-day opening in box office history (surpassing “Spider-Man” with $135.6 million), the first movie of the box office history to surpass $100 million in just two days, and the fastest film in box office history to surpass $300 million (in just 16 days, surpassing its predecessor, ” Curse of the Black Pearl)”.

For Jack Sparrow playing Johnny Depp, he took success in stride. Whereas he told the Guardian in 2006 that Hollywood had long considered it a “box office poison,” he was glad this franchise was on its own terms.

“I was able to make all the movies I wanted to make and with all the filmmakers I wanted to work with,” he said. “For me, whether I’m playing Ed Wood or ‘Fear and Loathing’, all of these movies have commercial potential. Pirates could have easily failed. It’s still a shitty shoot.”