After making its big screen debut, The King’s Man Rent online release date won’t be too far away, so here’s everything we know so far. There will be two possibilities to rent the film, the first being the first at home and the second being the standard online rental, so we will walk you through the final details for these two, covering when it is expected to be released in the UK and in the UK. North. America.

The film takes things back to the origins of the Kingsman service, which began at the turn of the 20th century when world powers and tyrannical forces combined to create a new global threat to the more civilized world. This makes it both a prequel and an origin story for Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


There’s obviously no Eggsy this time around, but instead there’s a determined young soldier called Conrad Oxford (Harris Dickson) who is trained by his father, the Duke of Oxford (Ralph Feinnes) . With a very small team, they must face off against a sinister cabal of villains who prepare for war for their own ill-gotten gains, including Grigori Rasputin (Rhys Ifans).

Home Premier Rental Release / Early room access

You will be able to see The King’s Man from the comfort of your own personal theater room with the rental version of Home Premier. If you’re moving forward from the film’s box office arrival (December 26, 2021 in the UK and December 22 in North America), you should expect Early Access in theaters to release around February 2022.


However, it is the cinema that unfolded as the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 pandemic began to peak in the UK, so it’s possible that this will affect how quickly it is released for the prime minister at home. If you assume that Omicron’s media coverage has reduced the number of people going to see the movie in theaters, it makes sense for 20th Century Studios to increase their selling options.

As a result, it may well be possible to rent online even earlier. Amazon Video is generally the fastest to access movie theater releases for the home premiere, so it will likely be the first place to see the movie outside of the theater. It should also be available on iTunes and the Google Play Store around the same time.


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Standard rent online release date

Ideally, we could get the online version of the standard rents around mid-March 2022 for the UK and North America, but there has been a lot of change in the industry in recent months. This has narrowed the gap between cinema and home entertainment in the UK, so it is more in line with the release schedule in North America.

It is difficult to say whether or not this will be a permanent change or a temporary change to compensate for the drop in attendance. If things return to the previous order of things, The King’s Man rental release date could be much longer for the UK, with a late April estimate being your best bet.

However, the vast majority of movies released over the summer were released quickly for home entertainment. The latest Bond film, for example, No Time To Die, hit the big screen on September 30, 2021, and then released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 20.

The standard online rental options for No Time To Die are yet to release on January 2, 2022 in the UK, but it’s usually within a few weeks of DVD and Blu-ray so it should be available. at the start of the New Year. However, it’s already available in North America, so it shouldn’t be too far behind in the UK.

If so, that will be a strong indicator of how quickly things become available for rental after the DVD and Blu-ray release. This will help save the March 2022 outlook above, so we’ll update things here as soon as No Time To Die gets the green light in the UK to match with the US.

We’ll also update things as they are officially confirmed, but the last one we have above should give you some dates to aim for. Home theater early access release will be the first option, so that will be the first thing to watch out for, but it’s still a bit far away, so right now your main option is the theater for at least a month or so.

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