Faced with a driver shortage, Domino’s came to the table with a smart alternative. The company reimburses customers who choose to skip delivery and opt for a $3 “tip.”

Before Super Bowl SundayOn a popular day for pizzerias across the country, Domino’s has released its new ad promoting its take back order campaign.

Pizza chain advertising makes the decision stress-free and fun.

In the commercial, we see a woman finishing her shopping and picking up a pizza for her family. Once she has the pie in her hand, she transforms into Domino’s chauffeur, complete with the familiar peaked uniform.

The boxed pizza she places in her front seat is magically zipped into a Domino’s branded bag. Then his car is transformed into an easily spotted delivery vehicle and topped with neon signage on the hood.

“You are no longer just a customer. You are a delivery driver,” notes a narrator. “And we believe that every good delivery driver deserves a tip.”

The commercial spot makes the “hot and ready” process a breeze. See for yourself by clicking here.

Customers who order pizza online and opt for delivery will receive their $3 “tip” as a credit towards a future online order.

The promotion runs until May 22.

Will you become a delivery driver on Super Bowl Sunday? Or do you just prefer to have your pizza delivered? Let us know by connecting with us on Twitter at @PopCrush.

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