The first winner of the most effective ad in this year’s Super Bowl may well go to Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange. The company ran a remarkably simple ad: it was simply a bouncing QR code, just like the classic DVD logo scene from Office.

The ad practically begged you to scan the QR code on your TV and see where it led. It was so basic, a little thing that bounced around, changed color. The 60-second spot was just long enough for people at home to think something was broken.

If you scanned the code, it took you to the Coinbase site, which was promoting a $15 Bitcoin giveaway for joining the cryptocurrency market. Correct Office scene with the DVD menu, but it only reaches the corner of the screen perfectly right at the end. Brilliant.

There’s hardly anything as, shall we say… divisive… online as crypto. But even those who were skeptical of crypto seemed to admit that the advertising was smart. Even if you hated it, the ad did its job. It caught people’s attention 100%.

Coinbase’s announcement could have been too much effective. Coinbase the app crashed shortly after the company’s spot aired during the big game.

And just a quick public service announcement. In general, please don’t scan random QR codes if they haven’t been approved for broadcast on the biggest TV event of the year. Getting you to scan a random QR code is actually a pretty common scam.