Jason Todd is desperate to make his mark, but he falls into the Joker’s trap. It’s almost time to get the Titans Season 3 DVD set.

There was certainly a lot going on in the world of Titans throughout Season 3. We mourned the loss of characters, got to know new ones, and realized that death isn’t necessarily the end. It’s definitely a season you’ll want to add to your DC collection.

The good news is that the DVD release is on the way. Like the first two seasons, we’ll be able to own all the episodes at home, which means there’s no need to keep that HBO Max subscription for just one show. When will the release be?

When is the Titans Season 3 DVD release date?

How long will we have to wait? The official release date of Titans The Season 3 DVD is slated for Tuesday, October 25. It’s just before Halloween, which makes it a great watch for that spooky night.

You can currently pre-order the season on DVD and Blu-ray now via Amazon. It’s a great way to set it and forget it without worrying about the cost. You’ll pay the lowest price up to the release date thanks to Amazon’s Price Guarantee.

What about the digital version? After all, chances are you’ll want to own the episodes right now instead of watching on HBO Max. There is good news. You can already own the episodes on Digital. They’re available for the entire season, so you can buy them once and add them to your Amazon library. The episodes will stay there as long as you have your Amazon account.

There is plenty of time to catch up before the fourth season. Of course, you’ll also want to rewatch the first two seasons!

The Titans The Season 3 DVD arrives Tuesday, October 25.