New penguin chicks at Shedd Aquarium


Comfort Station is looking for an artistic director

The Comfort Station in Logan Square adds an artistic director. “We have been largely run by volunteers since we started programming in our small building in 2011. While we will continue to be primarily fueled by volunteer hours, we are creating a paid part-time position in our organization. The group said. announcement. More here.

Pritika Chowdhry joins the Board of Directors of the Woman Made gallery

The Woman Made Gallery, Chicago’s longest-running nonprofit feminist art gallery, has announced a new board member, socio-political artist and activist Pritika Chowdhry, who will contribute to the programming and curatorial committee .

Weinberg / Newton Gallery presents “Human / Nature”

Weinberg / Newton Gallery will partner with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to present “Human / Nature”, an exhibition on the issue of climate change, featuring new work by artists Laura Ball, Stas Bartnikas, Donovan Quintero, Obvious, Karen Reimer , Matthew Ritchie and Regan Rosburg, as well as video interviews with climatologists and experts, offering insights on how to contribute to a sustainable future. “Human / Nature”, organized by Cyndi Conn, will take place from January 14 to March 19. said in a statement. “’Human / Nature’ is an art exhibition combining visual imagery and scientific interviews to explore our paths forward. What will the world be like if we don’t reverse our current path? Otherwise, what might the future look like if we act now? The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is known for its Doomsday Clock, which presents a metaphor for the dangers humans face in order to survive on the planet. The Doomsday Clock will be updated on January 20. More here.


Artist-illustrator Keith Taylor was 72

“As a breaking news cartoonist for since 2018, Keith Taylor has channeled his energy into several Chicago Headline Club Lisagor and Reader Best of Chicago awards,” reports the Oak Park Wednesday Journal. “In more than 50 years of contributing to Chicago art and media, Taylor has produced cartoons and illustrations for Studs Terkel’s WFMT show, the American Library Association’s Forbidden Books Week, the magazine Rhino and Children’s Books… Taylor has shared his passion for art in many ways: teaching and private tutoring for years, serving as President of the Oak Park Art League, and enjoying countless trips to museums and galleries. ”

Young architects are starting to organize

“For decades, architects have enjoyed a place alongside physicians and lawyers among pop culture’s most revered professionals and future in-laws. And for good reason. Architects spend years in school learning their trade, take grueling licensing exams, spend long days in the office, ”The New York Times reports. “There is nevertheless an essential difference between architecture and these other vocations: remuneration. Even in leading firms in big cities, few architects earn more than $ 200,000 a year… On Tuesday, employees at renowned firm SHoP Architects said they were looking to change the formula of long hours for pay medium by taking action that is almost unheard of in their field. They are looking to unionize.

Partnership with Chicago buys Westin Book Cadillac hotel in Detroit

The ninety-seven-year-old, 453-room Westin Book Cadillac in downtown Detroit, once the tallest hotel in the world, was acquired by Oxford Capital Group LLC of Chicago as Book Cadillac Detroit Propco LLC and in partnership with the City of New York. investment firm Taconic Capital Advisors LP, reports the Detroit News. The foreclosed Marriott International Inc. hotel will remain open during its renovation.


Anticipate “matrix resurrections”

Five minutes before “The Matrix Resurrections” airs Wednesday morning on HBO Max, Chance the rapper tweeted, “I’m so gassed, The Matrix was the first movie we ever saw on a DVD player. I saw it in my aunt Kim’s apartment in 2000. If I had entered The Matrix, Neo’s Path, Matrix online, we named my dog ​​Tank after the buddy who kilted Cypher . AS I CAN’T BELIEVE I WANT TO LOOK AT THIS “

KTQ’s Gordon Quinn is Tribune’s Chicagoan movie in 2021

“Gordon Quinn, now 79, remains quick-witted, awesome, mellow,” writes Michael Phillips. “In November, Betsy Leonard joined the nonprofit as an executive director. “The idea is to start looking for a new art director or some other way to pick up a lot of what I’ve been doing. I am sure I will continue to play a role in the organization. What I do best, I think, is working with filmmakers on projects. But next year, I’ll be 80 years old. So we are looking to recruit someone new. Phrases like “institutional growth” accompanied the announcement of Leonard’s hiring, although Quinn by nature never wrote anything with that directive in mind. “Under capitalism,” he said, “people think growth is important. And I don’t. I think it’s important to stay true to your original vision and values. And then you add new values ​​that are consistent with your mission. It is part of the way any democracy has to work.

An incomplete history of recent cinema in Chicago

With an IATSE contract in the hands of film workers, the Reader compiles an incomplete study of the history of film production in Chicago. “The first fifty years of IATSE’s history in Chicago are fascinating, but there just isn’t enough room here to include it all. The mob infiltrated the union in the 1920s soon after its formation and ruled with a mixture of violence, bribes and the type of grassroots labor activism that is now heavily criminalized and despised by the leadership. trade unions. In Chicago in the 1970s, the Local 110 Projectionists Union bombed adult movie theaters that refused to hire a union, and nine of its members were charged with a series of arson attacks on movie theaters in the Midwest in the late 1980s. 90s. This decade saw the virtual disappearance of this trade because new technologies and the consolidation of cinema chains into international entertainment conglomerates ousted projectionists from their livelihood. According to [retired camera operator Peter] Kuttner, however, ‘I’ve never been in a situation where I would know for sure. Any involvement in 600 or 476 is gossip and rumor.


The hideout closes until 2022

“To our Hideout family, near and far, who support us endlessly: due to the rapid and widespread increase in new cases of COVID-19, the Hideout has decided to close our doors until the end of the year . It doesn’t hurt any less the second time around, but we think it’s the proper course of action for the safety of our creative community, staff and guests, ”the club posted on Instagram. “Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation. Stay safe, mask yourself, get vaccinated and boosted if you can. We’ll meet you at the bar for a shot and a beer when the time is right.


Harvey Fierstein says Broadway is doing it right

“BROADWAY TRIUMPHS !!!! Why don’t we see this title? No Broadway show has been a super-broadcaster! We are all vaccinated and tested almost daily,” veteran actor-playwright posted on Twitter. “If someone is positive, they isolate themselves. Public r vaccinated & wearing masks. BROADWAY DOES THIS WELL !!!!! Further: “There are ‘no plans’ to shut down Broadway even if cases lead to canceled performances, says the theater troupe …” At this time, there are no plans to shut down Broadway ” said Charlotte St. Martin, president of the Broadway League, the national professional association for the theater industry.

“I’m not a comedian… I’m Lenny Bruce” extended

Theater 68 and Venus Cabaret Theater have added performances of the critically acclaimed production, “I’m Not a Comedian … I’m Lenny Bruce,” from January 28 through February 5, 2022. Staged for the intimate venue, directed by Joe Mantegna, and produced in partnership with Lenny Bruce’s daughter, Kitty Bruce, “I’m Not a Comedian… I’m Lenny Bruce” was written by and stars Ronnie Marmo. Tickets here.

Arts Pandemic Relief gets an additional $ 40 million in Britain

“Businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors in England will be eligible for one-off grants of up to £ 6,000 per local,” reports Variety. “Additional funding of £ 30million will be made available through the existing Culture Recovery Fund to support organizations such as theaters, orchestras and museums during the winter until March 2022.”


African American Arts Alliance honors Angela Jackson and Buddy Guy

The African American Arts Alliance will host the twenty-first edition of the Black Excellence Awards, an evening celebrating black artists, black voices and black stories in all artistic disciplines. Virtual 2021 Celebration to Honor Illinois Poet Laureate Angela Jackson with a Lifetime Achievement Award; the music winks at Buddy Guy and Tricia Tribble; from the theater, Ronald L. Conner, Aimee K. Bryant, Lili-Anne Brown and Congo Square Theater; for literature, Bryant T and Asadah Kirkland; dance, South Chicago Dance Theater and Homer Bryant; visual arts, Blanc Gallery and Bryant Lamont; from the film, David Weathersby; and Covana Washington technology and Free Spirit Media. “The Black Excellence Awards have honored black artists for over 20 years. With the Black Excellence Awards, we elevate each other as we celebrate the achievements of black people and come together to recognize the contributions that the African American arts community has made to the cultural fabric of Chicago, ”said Jackie Taylor, Chair of the Board of Trustees. director and founder and CEO of the Black Ensemble Theater. in a press release. The live ceremony is on Facebook Live on December 27 at 7 p.m. here.

Shedd welcomes Rosie, Loma, Stewart and a fourth penguin to be named later

The Shedd Aquarium presented four young Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) to the public as arrivals join the full colony of over 30 Magellanic and Jumping Penguins in the aquarium’s polar play area. Although still considered juveniles, these penguins have reached full maturity and are already reaching the size of many adult birds in the colony. Three of the birds were also given names: Rosie, female, named to mean Rosario, Argentina or Santa Rosa, Argentina; Loma, female, reflects Punta Loma, Argentina; Stewart, male, represents Isla Stewart (Stewart Island), Chile. Another male bird, which is the most vocal of the group, will receive its name from a longtime and generous supporter of the aquarium.

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