And double the time will be 2h22. So really 2 days.

Here to all 2 of our world.

Maybe not number one, but you’re a close number two.

#2 Eddie Shore. Played for the Boston Bruins from 1926-1940. Old Time Hockey. No Bruin will ever wear #2 again.

Getty Images/Jeff Spicer

Getty Images/Jeff Spicer

A couple. – A couple is 2. Some might wonder how they ended up together, they seem mismatched. But they are a couple, so congratulations. And yes, it’s Queen Elizabeth The 2n/a with Prince Philip.

Archives Hulton/Getty Images

Archives Hulton/Getty Images

Yesterday was President’s Day. We can therefore think of their #2. Vice-presidents.

John Adams was our 2n/a President. Thomas Jefferson was his VP before becoming our 3rd President 4 years later. (there are these 3 and 4 that appear)

Speaking of our country. Pennsylvania was the 2n/a state to join the union after Delaware. Our condition was 23rdour favorite number.

Homemade peanut butter cookies

Getty Images Think Stock

Something you can’t eat just one. Today is 2 peanut butter cookies.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Desmond Tutus. Too much (see what I did there) too bad he’s not alive yet to celebrate 02/22/22

Speaking of 2 famous


Ian Gavan, Getty Images

It’s hard not to like Dolly.

No one really rejoices when a song reaches number two on the charts. Famous Friends by Chris Young and Kane Brown was the No. 2 song of the year for 2021. Thomas Rhett What’s Your Country Song was No. 1. And there were 2 Luke Combs songs in the Top 10.

Let’s do step 2.

Daughter standing on feet of dancing father


Hamlin Peak is the second highest mountain in Maine behind Mount Katahdin. Even though it is part of Mount Katahdin. So Sugarloaf is next, are they both #2?

Does anyone use crayons anymore?

Take your pencil n°2, the quiz is about to start.



Robin to Batman

Ed McMahon to Johnny Carson

Tonto at the Lone Ranger

Tattoo to Mr. Rourke

Barney Fyfe to Andy Taylor

Lots of #2s on TV.

vintage television

Alexandre Raffi

A silver medal means you finished #2. But that means you just lost to the gold medal winner.


We should all be so happy to finish #2.

It’s time to conclude with the best number 2 one can have.



Enjoy the day for 2

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