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About Top 10 Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2022

Putlocker was the most famous streaming platform that offered free movies and TV shows. After this service was shut down, its users started looking for alternatives. Although there are dozens of websites that offer free streaming, not all of them are enough to be the Putlocker renewal. Putlocker was one of the most famous movie streaming websites in the world before the current site was shut down. Since then, it has changed its name several times. Many cord cutters have looked for alternatives to Putlocker and are still accessing similar movies and TV shows from their devices.

They make money from advertisements. Since the legality of these sites is questionable, they may not be safe either. Most of these sites tend to use lots of pop-up ads, which may redirect you to spammy sites or clicking on the ads may download malware to your devices. The current Putlocker site has been taken down by UK authorities following a High Court order. The site has been considered one of the big hacking threats. Therefore, the site is not legal at all, at least according to the UK High Court. Cases of many fake Putlocker websites have been reported.

Check out the list of best Putlocker alternatives


Tubi works just like any other on-demand streaming service. You access the website or download the app and you are ready to start watching content. In other words, it’s like Netflix with ads. You can create an account (more on that later), but you don’t have to.

All available titles are displayed in categories by genre or common options such as “Most Popular” or “Recently Added”. Unlike some services, there is no option to filter titles or reorder them, for example, alphabetically. However, there is a search option.


Netflix presents all of its content ad-free, with the exception of its internal content previews on all of its apps. Luckily, you can disable these previews now. HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video advertise their original content the same way. Note that even Hulu’s ad-free plan still includes limited ads on rare occasions.

The main reason to use the Netflix DVD by mail service is that it expands the Netflix catalog. When you can’t find a particular TV show or movie to stream, you can often find it among the DVDs. That said, it’s always a good idea to check if you can buy or rent the same content through Amazon, iTunes, or the Microsoft Store on a PC or Xbox.


It all depends on a few factors, most of which are controlled by the person hosting the website. Since the official 123Movies website is no longer online, the only way to access its database is through copies, also known as mirrors, of the website, also known as mirrors.

That said, law enforcement around the world closely monitors any site or service that allows users to view copyrighted content without paying for it. Most countries attempt to protect intellectual property by prohibiting the downloading (and therefore streaming) of copyrighted content. However, some countries allow it for personal use or allow it all together.

Pop corn

Popcornflix is ​​a streaming service that works slightly differently compared to big companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime TV. It is basically a service that can be called AVOD or ad-supported video on demand. The provider funds its offering through the revenue it earns from inserting advertisements into its streaming content.

Since Popcornflix has a parent company, Screen Media Ventures, LLC, this is where people are most likely to find customer support. In fact, the About Popcornflix page describes Screen Media Ventures, LLC, as a leading film distributor for digital, television, home video, and theatrical releases.

solar film

Solar Movie is one of the most famous and authentic torrent sites that can help you find the latest TV shows, movies, series, and even the latest recently released music. A few years ago, the site was launched and gained popularity among users all over the world who prefer to download latest movies, files and even various games through P2P sharing method. Unlike other streaming websites, SolarMovie offers the latest movies to its users.

They also provide links to famous TV series on their websites. You will be glad to know that Solar Movies is the most popular streaming websites for users who prefer to watch latest TV shows and movies. Plus, you don’t have to do anything to use it.


The site redirects to other media player sites and ads that do not upload or host any video files on the website. The site is not legit at all due to redirects that require you to create a free account before accessing your first movie. LosMovies website used to be the most desirable streaming platform to watch free movies on the internet.

LosMovies is an online movie streaming website that allows its users to stream openly. The website requires you to activate Adobe Flash Player or DivX player to watch the movies you want on this website. There are several good websites for watching movies and TV shows. However, selecting one of them can become a tedious task.


Megashare is a well-known online movie streaming site that allows movie lovers to grab different kinds of free movies for free. It is a paradise for those who like to watch movies in their spare time at home instead of going to the cinema. Megashare collects almost all the movies from different countries and offers different languages ​​so that people all over the world can watch them even if they don’t speak the same vocabulary.

Except for Megashare, there are many online movie streaming sites like Megashare which provide high quality online streaming services. You will get all TV shows and movies in HD quality. All programs are free to download. You can shorten channels and movies according to different genres.


MoviesJoy is a video directory site. It allows users to stream movies, from the newest blockbusters to old and forgotten titles. MoviesJoy lists a wide range of different video qualities, from hand-shaking cameras of newly released movies to Full HD recordings of physical media.

MoviesJoy does not host any of the files; instead, they pull the movies from other websites and display them themselves. This way MoviesJoy can avoid accusations of hosting copyrighted material, as it is only a conduit for the actual hosts. The original MoviesJoy site was supposed to be completely secure.

Movies from A to Z

AZ Movies – It’s all about AZmovies fans. Movies and web series are the main source of time for everyone in the 21st century. And with such an exponential demand, the demand for movie downloading and streaming websites like AZMovies has also increased on the internet. Especially the free ones.

And with this growing demand for such video streaming sites, several new sites are registered every day. Everyone loves free services. This is why movie streaming sites have become so popular these days as people can watch and download their favorite movies for free.

Peacock TV

The homepage is pretty straightforward: it features a carousel of promoted content, and below that, a Keep Watching section for things you haven’t completed. Unfortunately, you can’t remove content from this list (a problem that other streaming services, like Netflix and HBO Max, have encountered and solved).

Peacock also knows that there is money in film collections. So he has the Harry Potter movies and The Matrix movies (except Resurrections). It also has some of the Scream movies, as well as the Fifty Shades and Karate Kid movies, which are rare to see side-by-side.

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