It took much longer than originally planned, but we finally have a Top Gun Maverick DVD release date. Here’s everything you need to know to own it at home.

As for Paramount Pictures, we learn that it is very difficult to predict a DVD release date. While it only took Scream three months to go from cinema to DVD, it took four months for the same to happen sonic the hedgehog 2. Of course, it was going to be almost impossible to guess when Top Gun Maverick would happen.

The film was released in theaters at the end of May. It’s taken until now to finally know when we’ll be able to own the long-awaited sequel at home. There is still a wait in our hands.

Top Gun Maverick DVD release date

We have to wait until November! The official release date of Top Gun Maverick The DVD is Tuesday, November 1. This marks just over five months since the film’s theatrical release! Given the success, a small delay was to be expected, but we did not expect this long wait.

It will be available on Digital much sooner. This release date is set for Tuesday, August 23. It’s next week for those who don’t really follow dates in the summer months – with out-of-school kids, I never know what day of the week it is!

It is possible to pre-order the Top Gun Maverick DVD via Amazon right now. This is the best way to get the lowest price, as there is a price guarantee for all pre-orders. You’ll get it at the lowest price until the release date, no matter what price you’re willing to pay now. You can also pre-order digital versions.

The Top Gun Maverick The DVD release date is set for Tuesday, November 1.