• Hollywood has seen a surge of top talent in the market after pandemic-fueled cuts and consolidation.
  • Insider has identified 19 respected film, TV and streaming executives who are free agents.
  • The list includes industry veterans and rising stars from Netflix, Disney, WarnerMedia and Paramount.

More than a few top Hollywood executives will likely enter the workforce after the $43 billion merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia closes this spring. Chief among them is Jason Kilar, who had a boisterous, if relatively brief, run as CEO of WarnerMedia.

Kilar and anyone else leaving Warners will join a group of experienced entertainment executives currently looking for their next big opportunity as cost-cutting, mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations have swept the industry during a pandemic that has rapidly accelerated the shift. from legacy media to



Refocused priorities at Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS), for example, led to the fall 2021 departure of Jim Gianopulos, who after four years at the helm of the Paramount film studio was replaced by the former producer-director and digital director Brian Robbins; several of Gianopulos’ top lieutenants also left the company.

Meanwhile, AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan moved up to executive vice president in 2021 – sparking a series of departures – as speculation swirled which the company, which has been focused on growing its portfolio of niche streaming services, may seek to sell.

Bruce Berman, the former president and CEO of Village Roadshow Pictures, and Susanne Daniels, the former MTV and WB executive who led YouTube’s global content team until it scaled back its programming efforts originals earlier this year are other top Hollywood executives who are between gigs.

During a time of immense change for Hollywood, executives with digital savvy — or a willingness to adapt to a new era of streaming — should fare better in the streaming market. work than those rooted in more traditional distribution channels, said Bill Simon, who leads the media and entertainment group at executive search firm Korn Ferry.

Companies with vacancies “are looking for people who understand how to work in a direct-to-consumer environment,” Simon added, though he noted that a strong creative cadre is always in demand.

“While business models may change, people who know how to create content are a special breed,” Simon said.

Based on research and reports, Insider has identified 19 hireable free agents — many of whom are seasoned executives at companies like


WarnerMedia and Disney – with the creative and technical chops of the new Hollywood, listed alphabetically.