If you need a fun adventure movie, Unexplored is the place to turn. The good news is that the DVD and Blu-ray release date is now confirmed.

Critics may not have liked it, but it’s a fun watch for audiences. Unexplored brings us a Indiana Jones type movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Holland plays a treasure hunter in search of a 500-year-old lost fortune. At the same time, he wants to understand what happened to his brother years ago.

Of course, there is a villain in the story. It’s Santiago Moncada, who also wants to get his hands on the treasure. Who will get there first?

If you missed it in theaters, there’s good news. The film has a confirmed DVD and Blu-ray release date.

Uncharted DVD and Blu-ray release date

When we originally made predictions for the DVD release, we said it would be around the beginning of May. We weren’t too far. Unexplored arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 10.

You can currently Pre-order Unexplored on Amazon. This will guarantee the lowest price until the release date. It doesn’t matter if you buy now at a slightly higher price. You’ll want to pre-order the Blu-ray combo pack if you’re looking for the digital version as well.

However, the digital version will arrive a little earlier than the DVD version. It is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26. It’s no surprise that the digital release is a little earlier. This may encourage people to buy the movie twice because they want the digital and DVD versions.

It looks like production studios are trying to get back to some sort of normalcy with DVD releases. There will still be some coming out earlier, but most studios are looking to honor the 90-day theaters exclusivity window again.

Unexplored arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 10.