I remember hearing about and being involved in clearing a lot of clutter during the pandemic. With many places closed and social gatherings postponed, it was a great time to look around and throw away things I haven’t used in years.

I wish I had known then what I know now. Who again there may be money for your old VHS tapes. You can go on demand and immediately get any movie you desire from the comfort of your own home. VHS tapes and machines have been obsolete for years and that’s why they are worth the money! The world’s most famous video store Blockbuster closed in 2014 and as of 2019 there is only one Blockbuster store in the world located in Bend, Oregon. So, with all this information, I threw away my VHS tapes.

Here in New Jersey, someone paid $57,000 for a Star Wars VHS tape last December!

If you have a classic VHS movie in an unopened box, that tape you paid for $20 in 1980 is now worth $10,000! From Rocky and Indiana Jones to Star Wars, Jaws and Top Gun, original movies in unopened boxes are worth thousands of dollars. I had duplicates of some of the great movies still in the original box with cellophane that were gifts and threw them away.

An old VCR records someone left by the side of the road. No interesting content. (Photo by Craig Allen).

An old VCR records someone left by the side of the road. No interesting content. (Photo by Craig Allen).

Some experts say that VHS collectors will spend a lot of money on rare collections or box sets and some big titles are sold on E-Bay for a lot of money.

So browse through the VHS tapes in your basement and attic and if you have a rare VHS tape in an unopened box or a VHS machine that was working when you stored it, you might be able to earn a few bucks to pay for your cable bill. to watch all these movies on demand. Good luck!

20 VHS Tapes That Are Still Extremely Valuable

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