WALMART has revealed that more than a dozen of its stores will be updated as part of an $85 million project.

Bosses at the retailer say more self-checkout lanes will be available and customers will be able to take advantage of features like Walmart Pay, improving their experience.


More than a dozen Walmart stores in Ohio are being renovated as part of an $85 million program

Officials revealed that 14 stores across Ohio, including in cities like Cleveland, will be upgraded, reports WKYC.

Customers will be able to take advantage of the new self-checkouts being installed, but there will be more staffed checkouts.

Shoppers will be able to use Walmart Pickup – a tool that allows customers to order their groceries online before heading to their local store to pick them up.

Employees pack items so customers don’t need to leave their cars.

Walmart bosses hope the changes will “create an updated experience for customers”, saving them “time and money”.

New lights and signage will be installed and bathrooms will be upgraded, The Repository revealed.

Adonis Clark, Walmart Regional General Manager, said: “Our local stores have never been more important to how we serve customers today and in the future.

“These investments will make it easier for our stores and associates to get what they want, when they want it.”

Walmart is also upgrading three of its stores in Puerto Rico with state-of-the-art technology.

Bosses plan to add more self-service payment points, as well as rolling out curbside pickup.

Walmart’s Director of Public and Government Affairs, Ivan Baez, told News is my Business, “This year we began revamping stores in Carolina, Fajardo and Cayey.”

He expects the stores to be completely renovated within the next two months.


Baez told the outlet that the same stores will also begin offering curbside pickup options.

The company’s goal is to have all 18 locations in Puerto Rico offer curbside pickup within the next five years.

An additional $34 million will be invested in other locations next year to continue upgrading stores.

Walmart is investing in self-checkout technology at a time when lawyers have advised against using the machines.

Lawyer Carrie Jernigan advised shoppers to only use the self-checkout for small purchases.

Customers were encouraged to save their receipts and take their time when scanning groceries.

The lawyer classified buyers surprised by self-checkouts into three groups.

She said: ‘The first group of people charged with shoplifting using the self-checkout system are people who enter stores with the intent to steal.

“The second group of people catching this charge, I’ll mistakenly call it theft.

“These are the people who I honestly think just forgot to scan an article.”

Jernigan continued: “It’s usually something that’s been in the bottom basket of the cart or, say, a DVD that’s slipped under the purse, and when they come out, asset protection shuts them down. “

She also warned that using self-checkouts could cost shoppers thousands of dollars.

But lawyers have offered advice to customers wrongly accused of shoplifting.