I’m driving along Highway 9 in Lakewood just past Highway 70 when I spot new construction in Northern Ocean County. Obviously my reaction is hmmm wonder what is this going to be?

Now let me be honest my first reaction is not ‘more builds’ we live in a dense state and I understand that expansion is necessary in some cases and some areas are better for these expansions. … Like route 9. I’m not looking to endorse or condemn this project, but I’m curious about what it is.

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This job is along Route 9 just north of Locust Street in Lakewood. I know what happens when you “take on” lol but I think it’s a business venture so what kind of a business could this be? What is your money on… .. gas station? restaurant? medical? what do you think… Come on!

So before we get into the why debate, let’s see what the goal is. When I drive on the Jersey Shore I look for things that make me wonder “hmmm what is this?” And I’m sure you will too. We’re just curious about what some projects are, aren’t we? We live here, so why not ask.

So maybe you have an idea or maybe you would like to add your “I wish it was …”. Ideas. We’ll see if we find anything and keep you posted.

By the way, if you say “why don’t you stop and ask yourself” there are two reasons. One that they’re looking to clean up the area so they might not know it and two they don’t want to be interrupted while they are working… so I’ll leave that to speculation lol

Post your comments below and let us know what information you have or speculations 👇🏻

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