WARNING: The following contains minor spoilers from the Tokyo Revengers manga, relating to the “Christmas Showdown” arc.

Season 1 of the wildly successful gang anime, Tokyo Avengers, ended on a massive cliffhanger. After the tragic events of Bloody Halloween, Takemichi returned to the future and found out that he was now a senior manager of Toman, but things weren’t as good as they looked. For one thing, Mikey, Toman’s boss, was nowhere to be found. Instead, Kisaki was the acting commander and although he seemed to have turned a new leaf, he was just as manipulative as before.

Tokyo Avengers announced that the “Christmas Showdown” arc will be produced next and that this arc will be another epic, with Toman coming into conflict with a gang that has spanned ten generations. While there’s no date announced yet and it’s unclear whether this arc will be a movie, season 2, or some other format, here’s what fans can look forward to in the upcoming arc.

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The suites of season 1

Takemichi begs Kisaki to spare Chifuyu at the Tokyo Revengers

After watching Chifuyu get killed, Takemichi was powerless to prevent his own death from happening as Kisaki advanced on him. The screen went black as a gunshot rang out, leaving Takemichi’s fate unknown. The “Christmas Showdown” arc will reveal that Takemichi was not dead because a surprising character saved his life – someone he never expected to see again.

With Kisaki at the helm, Toman is still as corrupt as he was in Takemichi’s first timeline. The worst part is that Mikey has changed – he’s no longer the caring and protective commander everyone admired. Takemichi’s savior will reveal that Mikey even killed people he once considered friends. While Kisaki is largely the reason Mikey goes evil, he’s not the only factor.

Black dragons

tokyo avengers koko in the future

The first season focused on a few gangs: Toman led by Mikey, Moebius led by Osanai – now disbanded, and Valhalla where Hanma and Kazutora made their entrance. The “Christmas Showdown” arc will feature another gang known as the Black Dragons, led by an extremely powerful person named Taiju Shiba, who terrorizes anyone who stands in their way. Black dragons are known to be uncontrollably violent, and going forward, they’re one of the reasons Toman gets corrupted.

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This isn’t the first time fans have heard of the Black Dragons – they were the same gang that terrorized Kazutora, which led Baji to create Toman in the first place. The Black Dragons continue their intimidation tactics, except that they target another member of Toman: Hakkai Shiba, who is the vice-captain of the Mitsuya division and also Taiju’s younger brother. Takemichi will also meet two members of the Black Dragons who are revealed to be part of Toman in the future timeline at the end of Season 1: Hajime Kokonoi and Seishu Inui, who will also take part in the Christmas Showdown.

The Christmas Showdown

Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers Manga

After years of fear of Taiju and an abusive childhood, Hakkai refuses to run away. The Christmas Showdown will feature brother versus brother as Hakkai takes on Taiju. Although Hakkai would rather do this alone, Takemichi and the rest of Toman would never allow this to happen. They rush to support him before it’s too late. In a surprising development, Takemichi and Chifuyu find themselves teaming up with two of the most unlikely people in their goal of saving Hakkai.

While Takemichi has received praise for being an unconventional hero and for shattering notions of toxic masculinity where men are ashamed to show their emotions, he has simultaneously received a lot of criticism from some viewers for being weak and crying everything. time, especially when he’s in a gang where fighting is the norm. During Bloody Halloween, it’s thanks to Takemichi that Mikey didn’t kill Kazutora. In the “Christmas Showdown” arc, fans will be able to see a new side of him – and a glimpse of why Takemichi’s declaration of being Toman’s commander ultimately makes sense.

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