The beast The film, starring Idris Elba, has now been released in theaters. You will want to add it to your DVD collection. When is The beast on DVD and Blu-ray?

We would all like a little more Idris Elba on our screens. The good news is that we can head to theaters now. His last movie, The beast, is now available to watch. Whether you go to the theater or not, you’ll want to add it to your DVD collection.

The beast follows Dr. Nate Daniels, a recently widowed man with two teenage daughters. He decides to go to South Africa to an animal reserve run by an old family friend. However, it turns out there’s a lion out there who wants to kill all the poachers, and now Nate and his family are in danger.

When is the Beast movie on DVD and Blu-ray?

This movie will eventually make its way to DVD and Blu-ray. It’s a Universal Pictures movie, and we see them all eventually heading to DVD, Blu-ray, and even digital.

There have been a few Universal Pictures films this year to give us an idea of ​​DVD turnaround time. We watch The villains and Jurassic World Dominion as both were big releases this year.

It took them about two months to go from cinema to DVD. This suggests we’ll see the same for this latest release, which means we’re looking at around Tuesday, October 18 as the DVD release date. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the exact plan.

And on digital? We know the digital version is coming, but it’s a little harder to crack. It took about three weeks to The villains come to digital, but Jurassic World Dominion took about a month. We’ll likely see something similar to the latter, which means we’re looking at Tuesday, September 20 for the Idris Elba movie.

The beast the film is currently in theaters to watch.