Wes Anderson is back with The French dispatch, his love letter to old-fashioned journalism. The film is now in theaters around the world.

These cinemas, however, are the only place to watch it right now. contrary to Dune (theatrical release and streaming the same day), The French dispatch doesn’t come on a streaming service at the same time it hits theaters.

Fans waiting to stream the film online have to wait quite a long time, at least a few months. However, industry conventions and existing contracts mean we have a pretty good idea of ​​exactly when we can expect the movie to air.

In the meantime, Wes Anderson’s other eight films are now streaming on services like Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video.

When can you watch The French dispatch In line?

To understand when the movie will be available online, you have to understand a little bit how movie windows work.

Traditionally, theaters have a 90 day window where they are the only ones to show the latest big movies. This means that the films would not be shown on home media such as DVDs and Blu-Rays and on video on demand (VoD) for three months from the first release date.

This would mean The French dispatch would not be in VoD before January 22, 2022.

However, the pandemic has changed the reality of the film industry a bit, with streaming services bypassing theaters. This gave them a negotiating tool that allowed large entertainment companies to renegotiate for smaller exit windows, reduced from 90 days to 45 days.

Among the companies that did this was Disney. This is relevant to The French Dispatch, as it is distributed by Searchlight Pictures, which Disney purchased as part of its purchase from Fox. As such, the film should be available on home video and VoD 45 days after its release date, which would be Monday, December 6.

Extract from “La Dépêche française”. The film is currently only released in theaters.
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When The French dispatch Be streaming?

There will be another wait after that for the movie to hit the streaming services. Usually, movies arrive on streaming services three to four months after they arrive on VoD. It means that The French dispatch is scheduled to air in February 2022.

As for the streaming service it will be used on, it will likely be HBO Max. HBO has an existing deal under which it owns the streaming rights with studios previously owned by Fox, 20th Century, and Searchlight.

This agreement, however, only applies to the United States. Elsewhere, Disney + is most likely the eventual streaming home for the film. The service offers most of the director’s films in territories like Canada, Australia and the UK, and Disney will likely continue to put their own content on their own services.

Viewers waiting for it to come to Netflix will likely be disappointed. In the United States, the streaming service does not have any of Wes Anderson’s films, and only a few of his films are available in a few territories.

Where can you stream all of the Wes Anderson movies?

All of the director’s films are available for purchase and rental from video-on-demand sites like Amazon, Vudu, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, Redbox, and DirecTV. Here are the streaming services that have his movies.

  • Rocket in bottle: In the United States, the film is broadcast on Starz and Spectrum on Demand.
  • Darjeeling Limited: Streaming on Starz, DirecTV and Spectrum on Demand. On Disney + in Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox: On Disney + in the United States and Canada, and on Netflix in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.
  • The Grand Hotel Budapest: No American streaming at home. On Netflix in Germany and Switzerland. Streaming on Disney + in UK, Canada, Australia and other territories.
  • The island of dogs: Streaming on Disney + in the United States, Australia and Canada. On Netflix in Germany.
  • TAquatic life with Steve Zissou: Available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States, on Hoopla in the United States and Canada, and on Disney + in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom
  • Moonrise kingdom: Streaming on HBO Max, Max Go and Spectrum on Demand in the US On Netflix in Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
  • The Royal Tenenbaums: Not currently on a streaming service in the United States On Disney + in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom
  • Rushmore: On Hulu, Paramount +, Epix, DirecTV and Spectrum. Disney + owns the broadcast rights in Australia, Canada and the UK
Aquatic life
Bill Murray and Owen Wilson in “The Life Aquatic: With Steve Zissou” by Wes Anderson.
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