Morbius is now playing in theaters and it has not been received with top reviews from critics or audiences. Is the movie really as horrible as everyone says it is, or are some critics (and audiences) being a little too harsh? Anyway, I know many fans enjoyed the movie and are eagerly awaiting the Blu-ray and DVD release. If that’s you, here’s what we know about when you can own the movie on disc.

that you enjoyed Morbius and you can’t wait to own the Blu-ray copy or want to wait to watch it when the movie becomes available for streaming or rental, here are the details.

When is Morbius on Blu-ray and DVD and Digital?

According to DVD release dates, Morbius will be available on Digital on May 17, 2022, so shortly. If you want to wait to stream the movie from home (although it’s not free yet), you’ve got just over a month left.

As for Blu-ray and DVD release dates, we don’t have an exact confirmation date, but movies typically hit disc two to five months after their theatrical debut. So we’re looking at anywhere between June and August since we know the movie will be out on Digital on May 17th and Digital comes first before disc I’m ready for the movie to be on Blu-ray/DVD early June. Nevertheless, we will come back here when we have the exact date to communicate to you!

Now, how about free? When will fans be able to stream the movie online for free as it is available on a streaming platform? It will probably be this summer. With the Blu-ray/DVD release being in June, the film could be released online by August. Again, we’ll keep you posted!