I have worked with Tim Staudt on and off for almost 26 years. We had a roller coaster working relationship. He taught me a lot of things that helped me in my career for almost 26 years.

First and foremost, always listen to the people in charge. Sometimes it can be harder than it looks. For so many different reasons. It doesn’t pay to have a contentious and tumultuous working relationship with your bosses.

Second, always work hard and never take anything for granted. Tim has been in radio for 29 years and in television for over 50 years. He is the longest-serving television presenter in the state of Michigan. Staudt also has many nicknames like “The Dean”, “Hotdog Guy”, “Mr. Touchdown”, and more.

Many people also try to impersonate Tim. They do so out of total respect for what he has accomplished and for his friendship. Tim is also a member of the Greater Lansing Hall of Fame and the Michigan Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Two very big achievements. He was a member of the media that watched Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. evolve into the player we saw from high school to the NBA.

Even though a lot of people think I joked a little too much with Tim, I’ll tell you this: I have the utmost respect for Tim and what he showed me without him even knowing it. There is no doubt that Tim Staudt is one of a kind and I am very lucky that he showed me very specific things that helped me in my work. He’s always had so many sponsors for his radio show and people joke about it. But his sponsors have been with him for many years as he has helped their businesses grow. Like I said, if you’re talking about longevity, Tim Staudt’s name has to be associated with that word.

CongratulationsTim, 29 in radio and over 50 in television.

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