Every holiday season calls for watching our favorite Christmas movies! There are so many to watch, which ones are on your list? At the top of ours is Edward Scissorhands. If you also want to watch the movie (stream it online), here’s where you can find it.

When you think of Christmas movies, Edward Scissorhands may not be the first on your list. I know it’s not exactly a “vacation” movie, but for some it is, including myself. My list of vacation movies wouldn’t be complete without it.

Previously, you had to own the movie on disk to watch it over and over again. But a lot has changed! Now we have some streaming services (maybe even one too many!) That have our favorite movies to watch. It’s easy and convenient, but it has its complications.

For starters, it became a search game for the streaming platform that contains our movies, but that’s why we’re here to help!

Where can you stream Edward Scissorhands online?

Our streaming service might be Netflix, it’s definitely the most varied, but it doesn’t stream there. You also won’t find the movie streaming on HBO Max, where most of us go to watch some great featured movies.

There’s also Paramount +, Apple TV +, and Peacock – three great streaming services that don’t have Edward Scissorhands available. So where can you stream the film? It will be Hulu!

That’s right, the movie streams for free on Hulu with your Premium membership. If you don’t have Hulu and don’t want to try it, we suggest you rent it. Most sites, such as YouTube, Google Play, and Prime Video, offer it for around $ 3.99.

Where will you watch the movie? Are you going to rent it or do you have Hulu to stream it? Or maybe you already have the movie on DVD!