Good news for fans of Chris Estrade, the comedian’s new series, based on his own life and experiences, is set to air today! The show, titled This crazy guy, not only features Estrada, but also counts him among the series’ co-creators, writers, and executive producers. Other executive producers include Fred Armisen and Jonathan Groff. Armisen is known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2002 to 2013 and his work on the sketch comedy IFC Portlandia. Groff is known to Broadway fans as King George in the Tony-winning musical hamilton and he is also the voice of Kristoff in Frozen. All that talent behind the show should bode well for This crazy guy. There is also a lot of talent in front of the camera, because, in addition to Estrada, the show also presents the acting talents of Frankie Quinones, Michel Imperioli (The Sopranos), michelle ortiz (MADtv), Laura Patalano (people), and Julia Vera (The old ways).


People mostly know Chris Estrada for the stand-up specials he did for HBO and Comedy Central. These specials show Estrada’s affable charm and the humor he brings to his stories of being the funniest guy working in shipping and receiving and his boasts of being in a lot of fights but to have won one. This same charm is found in Julio, Estrada’s character in This crazy guy. Julio is a really good guy who is desperate to do the right thing and put others first. He even works at a non-profit organization that helps rehabilitate gang members. This job becomes particularly interesting when his cousin, Luis, himself a former gang member, moves in with Julio’s family. Luis is played by Frankie Quinones who is best known for The Dress Up Gang and chicano.

Now, without further ado, here’s how you can watch this series, which we’re sure will bring hilarious viewing comfort.

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Watch this fool’s trailer

Hulu has released its first trailer for This Fool on July 24, 2022. A second official trailer was released on August 4. Both trailers show the relationships and tensions that underpin the show’s comedy. From Julio’s martyr complex and his tendency to not confront fault to his fraught past with Luis and his attempts to make things work with his girlfriend Maggie, the building blocks of humor and relationships of the series were on display in the trailer.

The show clearly has plenty of action and story in addition to the jokes as scenes of Julio’s attempts to change his extremely non-confrontational nature and become more assertive are shown, with mixed results. (It looks like Julio shares his actor’s tendency to lose fights.) The trailer also shows the genuine passion and concern for helping people that Julio brings to his job and explains why Julio chooses to avoid conflict. .

When and where can you stream this crazy?

This crazy guy will be stream on Hulu from August 12, 2022. This is a Hulu Original, so there doesn’t seem to be any other way to watch This crazy guy right now. Luckily, Hulu offers free trials so even people who aren’t regular subscribers can check it out. This crazy guy. And if you want to get a regular subscription to the streaming service, they cost $6.99/month for the ad-supported plan and $12.99/month ad-free.

Is this crazy will be released on DVD?

Currently, DVDs of This crazy guy are not available to order or even pre-order. Not all Hulu Originals have been released on DVD (Season 1 of Only murders in the building still not released on DVD). Some shows like The Handmaid’s Tale have finally released DVDs so maybe This crazy guy will also be available on physical media.

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