Although it had a relatively short duration as an anime and light novel, the D. Gray-man manga is still going strong and well worth the time commitment.

The late 2000s hosted a number of now renowned shonen manga and anime. Some, like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Death threat – have become contemporary classics. Others, despite attracting staunch followers, commodity income and critical acclaim did not reach the highest echelon of popularity. D. Gray-man falls into this last category.

Although the manga has aired since May 2004, the anime adaptation consists of just 116 episodes, a remarkably small number compared to contemporaries like Bleach and A piece, between two different series. There is also an equally short light novel series (only three volumes). As intimidating and confusing as this plethora of content may seem, the D. Gray-man the franchise is worth it.

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The plot of D. Gray-man

Allen Walker stands in center in D Gray Man Hallow

D. Gray-man follows Allen Walker, an exorcist who works for an organization known as The Black Order. The Order has one goal: to defeat the evil entity known as The Earl of Millennium (or simply The Millennium Earl in the anime) and his army of corrupt spirits called Akuma.

At surface level, D. Gray-man appears to be quite similar to other shonen franchises. However, D. Gray-manThe alternative 19th-century setting and eerie Gothic aesthetic set it apart from other titles. The unique art direction and character design is both alluring and unsettling. The narrative and characters are equally approachable and familiar without feeling dissatisfied or falling flat. All of these positives translate into both print and animated adaptations, all of which are available through a number of official channels.

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Where to watch the D. Gray-man Anime

Allen Walker from D. Gray-man.

The animated adaptation consists of two distinct series: D. Gray-Man and follow-up D. Gray-Man Hallow. Both series are available to stream through Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Funimation’s premium subscription. DVD and Blu-ray collections are available for purchase through the Funimation online store. DVDs, Blu-rays and boxes are also available on Amazon and range from around $ 12 to $ 60 depending on how new or used they are.

D. Gray-manAnime adaptations are worth checking out, but they don’t necessarily tell a full story due to production constraints and the manga material available at the time. If fans want a more complete storytelling experience, it may be worth considering the print medium.

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Where to read the D. Gray-man Mangas / Light Novels

D. Gray-man's Tyki Mikk and Road Kamelot stand together.

Throughout its long publishing history, the D. Gray-Man manga has been published by a number of weekly magazines resulting in many unavoidable interruptions. The title is currently serialized in Jump SQ.Rise. Digital copies of Jump SQ.Rise are available for purchase from the magazine’s official website but not in an English translation.

However, non-polyglots should not despair. The manga’s print collections are available through Viz Media via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, RightStuf, and Books-a-Million. Prices range from $ 8 to $ 15 for 3-in-1 collections. D. Gray-man is also available digitally through Amazon’s Kindle program and ComiXology. The light novel series in 3 volumes, D. Gray-man: Reverse, is also available through Amazon, ranging from $ 12 for used copies to $ 34 for new copies.

With a total of 242 chapters printed (so far), it may seem like a daunting task to attempt to undertake a series like D. Gray-man. For those looking for something both invigorating and heartwarming, consider watching a few episodes of the premiere. D. Gray-man anime, then decide whether or not to continue the full story in print form. For those who are more intrigued by a heavier reading task, there is a lot of material to enjoy.

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