Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is a charming comedy about a sweet student and his obnoxious new friend, Hayase Nagatoro.

Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is a popular slice of life from the shonen manga series written and drawn by Nanashi, and it has since been adapted into a 12-episode animated series, with another animated season already confirmed. It is the story of the sweet and artistic boy Naoto Hachioji and his pest and friend No.1, the turbulent Hayase Nagatoro.

Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is ongoing and this lovely series is always welcoming new fans for the manga and anime. Anime fans looking for something wacky and fun to watch need look no further than Do not play with me, and it’s pretty easy to get into this series and see what it’s all about.

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The plot of Don’t Play With Me, Ms. Nagatoro!

Nagatoro mess with Senpai (again)

In a fairly ordinary Japanese high school, a soft-spoken but talented student named Naoto Hachioji becomes the target of Hayase Nagatoro’s endless teasing. In no time, Naoto and Hayase become a strange couple who can get bored, but deep down they support each other, especially when other boys harass Hayase or the pragmatic president of the art club represses Naoto and his liking. evolving in art sketch.

The series may not be a full-fledged romance like Horimiya Where Toradora!, but all the same, sparks are already flying between player Hayase Nagatoro and her artist friend Naoto. More than once, Naoto plays with Hayase in the back, and Hayase gets angry before running away, not used to being on the defensive. This leads to a fascinating dynamic between the two characters, and they can’t decide if they’re a bully and a victim, friends, or a possible boyfriend and girlfriend. Plus, Hayase’s three wacky girlfriends may be using reverse psychology to reunite their friend with Naoto – and it might work well. It will be a school year like no other.

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Where to read Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! Mangas


The original Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! The manga series is ongoing and at the time of this writing 11 volumes have been released in Japan. Eight of them have been translated and published in English, with volume nine due out on December 7, 2021. So far there has been no omnibus release of Nagatoro! or any luxury hardcover edition of its volumes, so collectors should stick to single pocket volumes for now. To find these pocket volumes, interested buyers can start with Barnes & Noble online catalog, which stores each current volume. Right Stuf Anime Online Catalog has them too, just like Amazon’s book section.

Fans can also try the digital edition of Nagatoro! instead for their own convenience, the editions of which tend to be a bit cheaper. Barnes & Noble has these volumes available on the Nook, and Amazon offers the digital version with its Kindle and comiXology.

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Where to watch Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! Anime

Nagatoro with Wavy Arm and Hachiouji Senpai in Nagatoro

Anime fans looking to make history Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! have remarkably few options at the time of this writing, especially since the 12-episode anime has yet to have a Blu-ray DVD release anywhere. The anime is available on a single streaming platform, Crunchyroll, which features the first full season in Japanese dub with subtitles in a wide variety of languages, including English and Latin American Spanish.

When the second season starts airing, it will likely be on Crunchyroll as well, although some anime shows have switched platforms for their second season, such as Kaguya-Sama: Love is war. Fans of Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! may keep this in mind in the future.

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