My Dress-Up Darling was the hottest title of the winter 2022 anime season, and now is the perfect time for fans and newcomers to dive deeper.

My darling dressing was an unexpected hit of the winter 2022 anime season, a shojo-style seinen anime series about the joy of cosplay and the healthier side of otaku culture. It’s based on the ongoing manga of the same name, so there’s no better time for new fans to dive into it and see what the story is all about.

At first glance, My darling dressing seems like another slice-of-life anime series set in a typical Japanese high school, but that’s only part of the truth. The series also represents what a healthy and meaningful relationship between two very different people should look like, and it can even serve as an edutainment anime that teaches viewers all about how cosplay and modeling work. It has a lot to give in anime or manga form.

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The plot of my darling dressing

my darling dress

My darling dressingThe plot focuses on the two main protagonists, shy dollmaker Gojo Wakana and cosplay-loving Kitagawa Marin, and their budding relationship. They meet early in the story as a classic case where opposites attract and, more importantly, their respective skills and interests align perfectly. Gojo is a studious, handyman who has experience making doll clothes, while Marin is confident enough to dress up at cosplay events and even do amateur modeling for magazines. They soon form an exciting new friendship and cosplay partnership, pooling their talents to create the ultimate cosplay, one seam, button and wig at a time.

Gojo explores a whole new world as he learns more about cosplay and attends events with his new friend Marin, which helps him come out of his shell without making him too uncomfortable in a new style. of life. Meanwhile, Marin develops her first crush when Gojo calls her beautiful, like a perfect hina doll, and she is eager to explore the possibility of a real romance with him.

She’s testing the waters of emotion but isn’t ready to dive into the world of love yet until she’s mastered cosplay. Symbolic scenes in the anime allude to this, that Marin cannot just delve into his romantic feelings without thinking first. In the meantime, she has other new friends like sisters Shinju and Sajuna to keep her busy. She might even learn from them – as long as Sajuna doesn’t try to steal Gojo from her.

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Where to read My Dress-Up Darling manga

the My darling dressing The manga series is ongoing, with nine volumes released in Japan while the Western release is slowly catching up. As of this writing, four volumes are available in English, with Volume 5 slated for release May 10, 2022. Interested fans can find the printed volumes of My darling dressing online from multiple retailers such as Barnes & Noble, manga/anime online store Right Stuf Anime, or Amazon’s book department.

Fans can also try the digital version of this manga if that’s more convenient, and they’re often at a discount. Barnes & Noble Offers My darling dressing with its Nook service, while Amazon offers a similar offer with its Kindle platform.

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Where to watch My Dress-Up Darling anime

The potential harem route of my darling dressing is a bad idea

the My darling dressing the anime is too new for a Blu-ray/DVD release in the West but is available to watch on a few streaming platforms. It can primarily be found on Crunchyroll with all 12 episodes available to stream, including the original Japanese dub as well as English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The series is also available in a wide variety of subtitles for different languages.

The anime is also currently streaming on Funimation, but as it merges with Crunchyroll, the latter will become the main – perhaps the only – streaming option for My darling dressing in the West.

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